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Guys, have any of you ever heard of a branch or specialised training of the marines involved with Close Protection, it would be in the same vein as SF/SBS.
Don't know if I'm being waffled or if they have been fed some BS. After 25 years of mob life this is the first I have heard of any CP work inside the general arms of the forces. I know SB and SAS do CP work but a dedicated branch/trade!!!!!!!

Polite(ish) replies, remember I am a poor lowly ex Woo!!


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I think that this may be an additional skill made available to suitable people already serving in the RM Police Troop within the RN Police.

There's some interaction with the CP work of the Royal Military Police, access to their courses, I think.

There will be other posters who can offer more precise details, I'm sure.
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When I was in NI in 88-90 me and my boss were detailed off as personal protection for Senior Officer NI and Scotland (much to our surprise ( apparently'true dit' it wa explained to us that we were to travel in the armoured car with him as gun fodder) explained to us by RM Police who provided armed support in two armoured cars front and rear - first and last time I had ever heard of them (there were also a couple of monsters from the RUC with them)

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