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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by speedster, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Hello All,
    I am seriously considering applying to join the Naval Reserves. I have looked through the info on the website regarding pay but was wondering how much you can earn. I suppose the more you do the more you earn but I was reading you only do 6-9 weekends a year so I was wondering how you boost your earnings ?
  2. If you join as an AB it is about £40 a day and your minumum committment is 24 days a year so that is just under a grand. In addition is you do your minimum commitment (and turn up for a few events the CO says you have to) then you get a Bonus call "Bounty" that is tax free starts at around £400 in your first year and goes up to about £1500 by year 5.

    If your free time permits and your until has enough budget you can do more than the 24 days so it would boost your income further. I personally did over 60 days last year. If your drive to your Unit you can also make money on travel expenses as they are quite generous.
  3. Thanks Phil,

    Now standing by for the travel allowance to be slashed!

    Your old and ugly enough to know they dont need asking twice.

    wo is me =(

    The money comes in quite handy, but please don't rely on it. Most people just treat it as a bonus.

    Also be aware that the first few month during the new entry and recruitment process the time you can actually put in is limited.

    Not at all wishing to put you off joining but if you only want the money why not work in Mc Donalds, they pay more.
  4. Thanks for your reply guys. Its just what I thought, the more you can do the more you get and the basic is just a bonus basically.
    I hope to go to one of the HMS Presidents open days soon so hopefully learn more.
    PS, Dont think MacDonalds would be as exciting as joining the reserves !
  5. With this new pay system (JPA) you will be lucky to be paid at all! Its crap!!!! :x
  6. here here.
  7. you guys trying to put me off ???
  8. You aint a Combat Clerk by any chance?
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    An interesting concept as there appears to be much dissatisfaction with the JPA system- I've now lost count of the number of my "iSupport" queries along the lines of "Oi, where's me money?". Bearing in mind, it's my full-time income, not a pay booster.

    The reality appears to be that if we submit the claims correctly, keep receipts when required & most importantly, keep checking that we've done it properly then it appears to work.

    Granted, I'm still owed a tax refund for a cock-up originating in September 2005, but that is not the fault of JPA, just the same people that neglected to correct the fault then & continue to make a mess of passing the correct information to HMRC, or the Inland Revenue as it was called in them days. Now, I wonder who that can be? (Begins in A, ends in A, 5 letters).
  10. Whats one of them?

    JPA is a bloody joke. Can't stand it I've never had so many problems with pay since i started inputting them myself.

    User error my arse!

    Not trying to put you off but i think its only fair that you go in with your eyes open.

    I love the RNR but the shite that you have to wade through to get to the good bits sometimes makes you wonder of its all worth while.

    And its only getting worse.
  11. the problem I have is despite my unit starting and stopping benifits correctly JPAC still do their own thing. If we were a Civvi Company we would either take there arses to court or go on strike! One lad has just rejoined and has not been payed for 3 months another left 3 months ago and is still getting paid!
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Obviously no connection then? :thumright:
  13. OK so I'm lucky - They always pay my travellers and for weekends but I'm currently owed £1000 (after tax) for my ORT and I'm still waiting for my bounty!!!!!
  15. JPA and the demise of the Unit UPO's was a bad move and one which I suspect the RNR will regret. I suspect it is a precursor to the demise of the Units themselves, with a move towards larger regional structures.
  16. guys, I have seen quite a few negative threads here. ?Is it worth joining ??
  17. guys, I have seen quite a few negative threads here. ?Is it worth joining ??
  18. Depends what you want speedster, if you want a bit of extra pay, then yes probably but it is only really a bonus. The main reason I would recommend anyone to join is to get a great circle of mates, it ain't a bed of roses in the RNR and it all boils down to money. If we gave you a different view we would not be telling the truth.

    Please bear in mind however that despite all out moaning (and sailor love to moan) we still stay in!!
  19. PEBCAK

    HTH ;)
  20. Because, of course, the entire Armed Forces revolves around p!ssing off the RNR.....

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