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... I know, but i've got yet another one of my recruitment woes. I've got my fitness test on Thursday. Training yesterday, i had a lot of pain. It wasn't sideache- i hadn't had any pain the whole time i was running. I don't know what it was- it was instant, i had this terrible pain that just hit me in my abdominal area. It was pretty bad, i sort of just crumpled and couldn't stand up for about ten minutes, and then i could only walk all bent over. It's not so bad now, it doesn't hurt but i can feel it if that makes sense.

Anyway, my question is: Should i run today? Or should i rest until the fitness test itself? Any ideas on what i did? I'm so scared it's going to happen again. I mean, i can run through pain, but when it stops you from even standing, it's pretty difficult. I just can't fail this test, it means everything to me. :?


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Without knowing the specifics it sounds like something is wrong, but it sounds like cramp or dehydration. Can I suggest a longer warm up/warm down? And runners I know swear by drinking tonic water as an antedote to cramp.

Failing that see your GP as soon as possible, as the PTs will not be too sympathetic when you bail out after a few minutes!
Thanks for that, much appreciated. Incidentally we have rucks of tonic water, for the first time ever. Also, i have a doctor's appointment the day before my fitness test, maybe i could mention it then.

I was just shocked in the way it was instant, i will try drinking more (i'm scared i'll get sideache, it puts me off!) and a longer warm up too. Thank you.


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Obviously something is amiss,you need to describe the pain a bit more in depth,also the location,was it a stabbing pain or a crescendo like pain?Do you have a high temperature?
I knew i could rely on you :)

I'm not ill or anything, i am however 3 months post operative. But this pain was nowhere near my site. It was on the part af the abdomen under the ribs, but to the side a little. It's difficult to explain... If you see this image ...
... it was where the pointer says internal abdominal oblique. I'm not saying it was that muscle that was hurting, it was just that area.

The pain itself was very much instant. It was certainly sharp, but once the pain had hit it didn't crescendo or stab. After a while it dulled but i couldn't stand up for a while. I felt pretty faint actually, but that might have just been because i stopped so suddenly.

I've pretty much put it down to doing too much too soon after the operation, but all my training up to this point has been ok. I'm not going to do any Muay Thai tonight, but i might try a bit of jogging tomorrow. It was probably just sideache and i'm causing a fuss! I normally get it much lower if i get it though, maybe it was just different. It just shocked me, being so instant and the way i couldn't stand. Just scared it'll happen again...


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Has this happened before or is this the first time?Are your bowel movements ok?Not constipated?No pain on passing urine?Does the Urine smell strong?
First time! I used to get sideache until i stopped eating before running. everything else is ok, nothing's up really. No pain, no constipation, no smell.

Do you think i might have just overdone it a bit?
do you think you might arrange your medical consultations via PM. I am sure that I could not possibly speak for the pervs on here, but I am certain I am not wishing to hear about Snappy's urine!

PS Snap, get well soon x


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It sounds like the old Stitch thingy you can get.The thing is you can get pain that isnt actually at the site of the problem,i.e pain in the right shoulderblade due to Liver Disease.its called referred pain.I still think its stitch or ETAP as its called.

For futher info:
Ah, i see. Brilliant, thanks Andy, much appreciated! Makes me less worried! Sometimes i get stitch that goes right up my middle, sort of into my neck and left shoulder, so it all makes sense now. Cheers!

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