Hi guys,

Can anyone recommend any books that are useful during the application process for officer?

I've seen the how2become guides online and was wondering if anybody knows whether these are any good/worth the money?

I'm applying for air engineering officer if that helps at all.


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The consensus is that candidates are able to be successful at the AIB by doing a lot of their own reading and preparation using various sources. One useful source is Rum Ration's AIB thread here:

This will help:

Browse around this:

Fleet Air Arm

Start by identifying your training pipeline and becoming familiar with the aircraft on which you will work and where you will be doing that. Once you have done that, expand your knowledge to ships, submarines, the Royal Marines and the RFA. Be able to identify ships, submarines and aircraft, so that, if someone were to point at a large photo on the wall and ask you to identify what is in the pic, you can answer with confidence.

That's your starter for ten.
Thanks soleil! I will have a browse through those.

I dip in and out of reading Navy News because I tend to read the digital version online. Should probably get myself a subscription soon!
Just started, kind of. I registered interest when I was 16 (4 years ago), now going into my final year at university so have a psychometric test booked for within the next month.


I have 'The Royal Navy Handbook - The Definitive MoD Guide'. It's worth a fair bit of money though, so it might not be the best choice for casual reading mate.
Wow, I hope the change in price isn't reflective of a massive change in quality. Will order that though, looks interesting, thanks for the link!


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You should also start to read a quality newspaper on a regular basis to ensure you are conversant on current and particularly foreign affairs. Alternatively, regular use of BBC news website may be a good alternative to this.

If all of this serious reading gets a bit much, I would recomend the novels Enders Games, by Orson Scot Card, Starship Troopers, by Robert Heinlein and the Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell. They are all Science Fiction books but deal with themes of military training and leadership. Jack Campbell, aka John Hemry is a former US Naval Officer.
Just found it on Amazon:
The Royal Navy Handbook: The Definitive MoD Guide: Ministry Of Defence: Books

Before this edition came out the going rate for my edition was 50 quid. Bugger, should have flogged it!
Wow, I hope the change in price isn't reflective of a massive change in quality. Will order that though, looks interesting, thanks for the link!
I'm afraid that the 2011 edition of the Royal Navy Handbook is not available, as it did not go to print. Unfortunately, Amazon's listing isn't up to date, but I gather that the publisher is seeking to have this rectified.

The publishing house in question, working in tandem with the Ministry of Defence, has had to put the latest edition on ice.

The book will not be re-issued now for at least another year and probably not until 2013.
soleil - That's a shame, will have to see if I can pick up an older version 2nd hand somewhere. Will most likely end up making a booklet of my own, like I did when I first started having informal interviews, containing information on each class, each aircraft and future classes and aircraft. Will make a pdf available on here once I have done it if anyone is interested.

jockpopeye - I regularly read The Times or The Telegraph so generally keep quite up to speed with events. Did have a subscription but it's rather costly compared to how cheap you can get them from the shops around the university.

The novels sound interesting, will seek them out.

Thanks everyone for your help so far, greatly appreciated.
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I used to recommend this to everyone, but it is now badly out of date (2 years) and hasn't been re-issued:

Royal_Navy_Ships_Subs_Planes_Pullout - Folder Shared from - Free Online File Storage

The only thing I can suggest is that you print it off and also print off the most recent Fleet Bridge Card, which is here:

On the Fleet Bridge Card, cross out Cumberland and Cornwall (under Devonport) and Gloucester (under Portsmouth) and then look at what is left on the Fleet Bridge Card and tie up each ship and submarine with an entry on the first document.

Obviously, on the first one, the fixed wing element on the bottom line needs amending.

I hope that this makes some sense.
Dragon, Defender and Duncan are on the first one in the Daring Class - even though they aren't on the Fleet Bridge Card, keep them as they are in build.
Ask about going on an Officer Acquaint.

If you are going in as an Engineer Officer, see whether there is a chance of a bursary for your final year.

Start to identify times when you have demonstrated leadership ability so that you can discuss this at your Sift.
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Thanks again I will print those off and amend them as necessary.

I've actually already been on a few acquaints, one at Culdrose and one at Sultan. I've also been to BRNC twice for the CCF camp through the recruitment office.
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