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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Scientia_potentia_est, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. Good Evening,

    Would anyone be able to recommend any good books that contain the history of the Royal Marines?
    Obviously I can use the internet as a source, but I'm not the biggest fan of reading from screens and I'm wanting something to read whilst I'm commuting.
  2. The Royal Marines, by Julian Thompson.
    A history from 1644 to 2000, when written.
    isbn 0 330 37702 7
    He commanded the 3rd Commando brigade in 1982, Falklands, amongst other things, in a long RM Career
  3. Yeah, fair one, probably deserved that.
  4. Bergen

    Christopher Hawk?
  5. Anyone read linky,

    or the follow up - linky

    I bought them and thought they would be crap, but i found myself not being able to put them down.
  6. Good books actually. Anyone seen or heard from 'GreenDeath' recently?
  7. Several here
  8. First Into Action by Duncan Falconer. I notice the front cover has been changed.

    Have one called 45 by David Young published 1972 story of 45 obviously. Now out of print I think sep was after a copy a while back.
  9. .....................

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  10. Spot on Soliel. You are a treasure!
  11. Snap I've got a signed copy somewhere, the author was hawking them in the Galley at Lympstonia (Jul-Aug '79??) and us Nods were 'encouraged' to buy a copy by our Training Teams.
    I didn't get a chance to read it until I was on Crimbo leave!
    A rip snorter with sniper teams in attics, (Insertion details of same surely a breach of OP Sec! 8O :D ), boyos planning dastardly deeds and brassed off Bootnecks patrolling in never ending rain and then seeing the light and going SB! Well worth a look if you can locate a copy.
    James D. Ladd has written a brace of Corps/Commando forces histories 'Royal Marines Commando' ('82) and 'Inside the Commandos' ('84) both of which are dated now, but they have a good handle on the earlier Corps and are also lavishly illustrated, which is nice for Royal as this cuts down on the lip movement whilst 'reading'.
    As a personal favourite I would recommend Ian Gardiner's 'In the Service of the Sultan',

    This book deals with this ex RM Brigadier Generals early service in the early '70s as a Junior Officer on secondment to the Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces dealing with Communist insurgents from Dhofar. Written with humour, he's mad as a box of frogs, an obvious deep knowledge of the region and love of it's people, it is a very intresting account of an eventually successful campaign against an insurgency that could have closed the Straits and cut off oil supplies. Enjoy.
  12. How long where you in the corps again NZ bootneck? my memory stick seems to have stuck.
  13. It's a funny old world NZB - I knew the sniper team that it was based on very well :roll: and I can also remember dragging a waterlogged Ian Gardiner out of Horsea Lake after his neck-dam let go.

  14. A Dogs Watch of 3 1/2 years, June 1979-January 1983.
    Long story short I thought I'd play the game and sign on for an 18 Month Notice Engagement (IE you serve 18 months and then put in 18 months notice to quit.) then change it to a 9 year one at a later date, my brill plan backfired as defence cuts meant that only those with SQs were being given the chance to extend. You live and learn eh?
    I'd only just needed to start shaving too!
  15. NZB ,Ta! I wasn't asking to have a snap at you, more like I was more curious if it was the length of service or lack of long service that drove you to reside in the company of savage Dunedin Haggis eaters.
  16. Now that was unlucky..Bloody horrible time for lots of guys of all ranks in the Corps! Pity they disbanded 41, billets for everyone!

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