Books on HMS SHEFFIELD in the Falklands - are there any?

Sorry if this is a bone question, but having seen and read books about Coventry and Ardent, I've had a scour around and haven't seen anything about Sheffield, which seems odd. Did an Amazon search and a quick poke around the Royal Historical Society's bilbiographical service, and nowt. Wondered if the wise old hands present had seen anything? Obv. have read most of the 'standard' Falklands stuff (e.g. Sandy Woodward's book etc.). Likewise have not seen anything about Antelope.

Thanks in advance...


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I've not come across any about SHEFFIELD, but "Forgotten Voices of the Falklands: The Real Story of the Falklands War in the Words of Those Who Were There" is an excellent book full of eye-witness accounts of the whole campaign, and has a whole chapter on the loss of SHEFFIELD.

Bought it at the airport the last time I went away and was completely hooked.
Another good book is call to fire by Captain Christopher Craig CO of Alacrity

Alacrity avenged Sheffield by sinking the ilas de los estados on the 10th May only 2 survivors and 21 fatalities

But not to glorify war Alacrity is the only unit to place a memorial on the FI in memory of the Argies
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