Books for a Dissertation...advice!

Discussion in 'History' started by WhizzbangDai, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. Right - being a student slacker type, I've come to the point where the great and good of the Interpol Dept Aberystwyth University, want 12000 words from me on some topic or other, so I can get this degree i've been spending ridiculous amounts of money aquiring these past three years....

    Anyhoo, the topic i've chosen is 'A comparison between the 19thC Royal Navy and 21st C USAF and their roles as tools of coercion for their states governments' - and I was wondering if any of you chaps and chappesses out there have any suggestons for books or information on Gunboat diplomacy, or the Royal Navy back then would be much much appreciated.

    If any of you feel the need to comment on the diss and what you think the answer is, fire away.

    Anyway, any ideas for books? :pc:
  2. Does anybody else picture Hamster saying 'James Bonds Dad' when you look at that little forum?
  3. FFS Bungy, leave me alone, stop trying to get into my knickers.
  4. OMG, How embarrassing, where are your manners?
  5. More like M&S Combination suit with a Depend gusset.
  6. lol awww.
  7. For early instances of Gunboat diplomacy a good start would be Hornblower and the Darkies, Forester, C.S, The Bodley Head, London; 1946,
    this work relates the circumstances, quite well IMHO, surrounding the Horn Of Africa Incident of 1838.
    This of course entailed the Lords of the Admiralty detailing the semi retired Rear Admiral Horatio Hornblower and the good ship HMS Swiftsure to carry out a bombardment of the Umgulo tribes mud huts due to the non payment of the Annual Crocodile teeth tribute to Queen Victoria. A ripping yarn.
    For more detailed and accurate research you could of course make use of the fine Library and the access to reputable Academic Databases available therein of your fine Tertiary Institution.
    You know actually use some of those research techniques that you have spent so much money acquiring, instead of reinforcing our stereotype image of all students being lazy [email protected]#!s.
  8. Ive got this one where a bloke that used to be in the navy saves the world by driving fast cars, drinking his own weight in martinis and a spot of top level shagging with some international clacker with ridiculous names.....
  9. I think Ive read that one NZ, best summed up in the jacket, "Men with guns, 337, fuzzy wuzzies, nil"
  10. Sounds like a completely naff title for a dissertation IMHO. Either that or it is going to be a work of pure genius although truth be told I'm having difficulty seeing that just now.

    Might be better off comparing apples and armadillos. Try coming up with something when you sober up.

  11. Ouch, most of that was un-necessary surely? Was only trying to find any obscure texts that may help.

    Ah well, point taken, i'll go get back to work...such as it is
  12. Uncle NZB provided you with a comprehensive tome on Naval policy of the 19th century, what more do you want, a bloody ISBN and a dewey decimal for it.......

    Careful now Muriel, dont want to go overdoing it. Isn't the Hoobs on in a bit...? The library can wait till after Supermarket sweep, or Neighbours... :whew:

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