Books/Films of RN in WW2

Best/worst film about the RN in WW2
Best/ worst novel about the RN in WW2

Any thoughts, anybody?
My suggestions:
Best films : The Cruel Sea, The Battle of the River Plate (another not WW2 but close after - The Yangste Incident)
Worst: The Gift Horse

Best Books:
The Cruel Sea
HMS Ulysses

Worst books:
Any by Douglas Reeman (I am so chokka of most of his characters biting their lips, touching sleeves, or their medal ribbons, giving out sobs, speaking in clipped, very short sentences a la Noel Coward, usually with exclamation marks! and going to pieces as soon as they meet a piece of skirt)

"It is seaman, not ships that constitute a Navy' - Adm. Sir Charles Napier
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