Books about the Silent Service.

I have a few and know of a few more. But im wondering which ones you lot have found to be the best read and reflect the service as accurately as possible? I'd probably need to spend a small fortune buying a load more to read without knowing if they are worth it. So wouldn't mind a little help in filtering the good from the not so good. :-|
Factual or novels? Exclusively RN or USN and other? There are some cracking novels, with only a few nit-picking errors - Patrick Robinson - can't remember if that is the correct author, but SSN was quite good. I would enjoy seing a good list, then someone collecting them all on mobi files and sending them to me on a CD!


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Quite enjoyed Blind Mans Bluff, although it mostly focuses on American cold war subs and their activities.

Just started Das Boot when on the cludgie earlier this evening, expecting good things (from the book of course, my cludgie visit has already delivered a "crowd pleaser"!)
The "silent service", eh. It amuses me as to why many of the submariners that I know are not all that "silent" and gob off at how great they are (allegedly).
I've just finished Alistair Mars's 'HMS Thule Intercepts', first published in 1956 and sold for 2/6d (12.5p), the true story of his time commanding the boat in the Far East from 1944. I found it a good read and when I read about temperatures below of 130f and being unable to dive because it was too shallow I remember why I was a skimmer!

If anybody wants the book let me know and I'll happily send it on to you.
Cheers guys. S-B I don't mind really, factual or novel its all good. RN or USN or whoever. As long as they are true to their purpose etc! Don't want to read a whole load of waffle that isn't true from a supposed "factual" book!

I read some cold war ruski ones like Hide & Seek by some ruski chap and it was quite interesting to see what sneaky stuff they were upto but later heard it was all made up so.. :(

DAS BOOT now thats a great one! I watched the movie first though (several times!) before i read the book.
I'm still under assessment to see if I'm allowed coloured crayons SPB, evidently there's a backlog of crushers holding things up :) As I found out the hard way, if you go over the lines it's a case of round the bouy.
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RUN SILENT RUN DEEP by Edward L Beech (better than the Clark Gable/Burt Lancaster movie): DUST ON THE SEA (same author) and another whose name escapes me, Cold War Era. Although Septic and gung ho, still a good read. Best of the Bunch ? SEND DOWN A DOVE and DAS BOOT by far.
See if you can get a copy of ' Hirschfeild.The secret diary of a U Boat'. By Wolfgang Hirschfeld,as told to Geofferey Brooks. Another intresting book on the subject.


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'Submarine' by Jean Hood. An anthology of ww11 accounts from every nation that had submarines involved.'Nautilus 90 North' story of the first boat to the North Pole written by the old man. First jolly afterwards - Portland! (Dorset not States)'T Class Standing Orders: Departmental cleaning responsibilities chapter' - Handy for igniting heated discussion just before CO's rounds - ('Thats the f**king dabbers part of ship, not the f**king RO's') etc etc
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Few survived is all about early escapes from sunken boats,includes K13,Thetis and loads more,makes you realise just how far escape equipment has come on.
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