Books about Marines - any good???

Ahoy there Marine type people, quick question please:

Been reading a lot about this Steve Preece guy (author of Marine this / that type books) over on the ARRSE site.

To the casual observer he does appear to be coming over as a bit of a mentalist (but not in a good way). Have you got anything to say good / bad about his books / ninja activities? Are the nasty Army types just being naughty?


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Read both the books, not massively positive about the Bootneck experience

He fecked off a lot of arrsers by chopsing off about his book and I believe also "Pretending" to post as a reviewer for his books or a long lost oppo or some other shoite.

Now a ninja apparently!!

Read Reflected Glory by Carney lake or one of the "Joining the Royal Marines" type books
I had a look at the aarse threads, dunno about the book but there was some seriously funny banter going on there. And I thought we could be rude to each other..... sheeesh


Was in 45 in the Mid 90's and to be fair the dit's in his book were local legend. To be fair the book does reflect some goings on but all to the same guy? Can't see it being true. It's basically a collection of dit's no doubt heard at stand easys and on WD's by some sprog who then Ghost wrote it and came up with these books. wastes a couple of hours in the airport but thats about it.


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Tartan_Terrier said:
Greendeath said:
These commets are bollicks. This book was based on fact. So was the sequal. Endex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Does a newspaper article automatically make things true then?

Lots of things are 'based on a true story' (any number of Hollywood films for example), and the end result is often far different to what actually happened.
There's more than a newspaper article.

Try the discussion from the marines website. Unless you're blind you'll have a differing opinion by the time you reach the end.

Also read the other, more lengthy. Its 10 pages long. Use the pages, field in the bottom left hand corner to flip pages:

This one's a good read:

Read Yashin's comments here:


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