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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Daniel, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Does anybody know if you are allowed to book time off when you want?
  2. At which stage of your career?

    Basic Training?

    Later on?
  3. Once you've joined, sorry I didn't specify
  4. Of course you can Daniel, not a problem, for heavens sake, this is the modern Royal Navy, here to cater for your every need, but to make sure that the rules are followed, get a note from your mum.
  5. You still haven't specified when.!!
  6. Daniel

    I always found that if you can get a Longcast you can get the Captain to drop you off on the way, thereby saving the airfare. Saves thousands especially if you try to go East.
  7. Well I'm having friday off meself. Fcuked if I can be arsed to turn to after a good thursday lash up.
  8. You people are funny!
  9. Danny

    During your time at HMS Raleigh (Basic Training) and your Specialisation Training, main leave periods are at set times - these being 2 weeks at Easter, 3 weeks in the summer and 2 weeks at Christmas.

    Outside of training, you can book your leave whenever you want; however, this has to fit in with the ship's programme and other people within your department.

    You will have a basic leave package of 38 days (which includes Public Holidays).
  10. Also pre/post operational leave if you get them in the Navy. How much time do you want off. ? I remember having 12 weeks off once in the marines by week 7 i was piss bored.
  11. If you have been deployed for long periods of time do you get long breaks once back?
  12. Usually if it is a 6 month deployment you get 2 weeks of at some point, its not down to you when you want it, its down to the powers that be. Also you will get post operational leave and if you missed summer,easter or christmas leave due to operational deployment you will get that back as well, but its down to your CO, i recently got back from Afgan and had a total of 7 weeks of but had to take them as a 3 week leave then back on camp for 2 weeks then take the remainder 4.
    Also a few mates of mine live over seas and they save up their leave and take it all on christmas, but you do got to have a valid reason, and it depends what your unit is doing and if they can spare you.
  13. I Finish my 9 weeks on july 24th, but i stay at raleigh for a further 4 months becasue of sub school!, my dad gets married the following friday, will i be aloud the day off so early into the next part of training?
  14. You can ask, but it will depend on what you are supposed to be doing that day. It's a shame really as you will be going on summer leave for 4 weeks on the 7th august.

    I would suggest that you talk to your current divisional staff about getting the day off you need and see what can be done. You may be lucky enough that you have nothing too important on that day. But I would ask sonner rather than later.

    Rearads and best of luck with your basic training.


  15. ok when do you recommend me asking?
  16. When do you start at HMS Raleigh?

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