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*** BOOK SWAP ***


War Hero
Following Angry_macs idea I have created this thread, the title of which is self explanatory except perhaps I could have added DVD's etc.

Some rules though!
1. Please remember your personal security, no contact details on the forum, all dealings by PM.
2. If you advertise available books etc, can you please return and edit your post as and when they are no longer available.
3. Common sense please, don't abuse the good nature of those on the site.
4. The site can obviously not be held responsible for your personal exchanges.

Other than that crack on, Mac's idea is a good one and hopefully this will be successful, I will add his available books as the first post and sort through mine this weekend. Enjoy!
Re: Book Swap

The following books are available from Angry_Mac:

Angry_Mac said:
I have all the
Wheel of time
David Gemmil
Mission Earth
Shannara Books
Every Necroscope Book(stunning horror)
Cthulu Cycle
Clive Barker
Anne Rice
James Herbert

Every LOST episode
Every Battlestar Galactica (new ones)
Every Prison Break

PM him here to see if he wishes to swap, I've already pre-empted with a bid, Mac you have a PM :thumright: : Angry_Mac
A quick look through my bookshelves reveal I have the following books available to swap:

Eragon, Christopher Paolini
Eldest, Christopher Paolini
Orcs, Stan Nicholls
Shadowmarch, Tad Williams
Shamans Crossing, Robin Hobb
Fools Fate, Robin Hobb
I have a fair few other books including loads of Raymond Feist available but need to dig them out and check titles.

I am trying to collect all of David Gemmell's books so am interested in getting hold of the following:

Drenai Tales
The King Beyond The Gate
Quest For Lost Heroes
The First Chronicles Of Druss The Legend
Winter Warriors
Swords of Night and Day

Sipstrassi Tales
Ghost King
Last Sword Of Power
Rigante Tales
Sword In The Storm

Echoes of the Great Song
Knights Of Dark Renown

Also looking for any of the Terry Brookes' Shannara series other than the Sword of Shannara.

Anyone interested PM me.

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