Book on the Writers branch

Hi, I am hoping to write a book on the history of the Writers branch Logistics branch or whatever. If anyone has any good dits, recollections or swings of the lamps I'd be very grateful to hear them.

A few questions - when did writers adopt square rig? I believe Countess Mountbatten was to blame.
At Action stations writers used to help out in the sickbay and emergency medical posts. Now they are used in DC section bases. When did the switch take place?
Any odd drafts for writers?

Cheers me dears.

Maybe in your day. I heard it's watch on stop on on the 23s. At least for the baby writer.

All the accompanied overseas went to the non-seagoing wrens when I was in. Pay foul ups - blame the mivvies at Centurion.

Best laugh was the issue of Gibraltarian Giblets when we went to the Med in Sheff (F96).
Second biggest was Vasco De Gama's corner shop - also in Sheff.

Happy Hogmanay. Much houghmagandie!!!
Joint_Force_Harrier said:
Bet your only, writing from 8 -12, got to close in the afternoon for? Why do they close in the afternoons?
I never had any problems getting seen in the afternoon, maybe because when they tried closed in the afternoon crap and came in to the MCO to use the photocopier, I told them to piss off we were closed. :D
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