Book Competition: THE ABDUCTION by Jonathan Holt


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A thrilling crime story set in Venice is the next book up for grabs: THE ABDUCTION by Jonathan Holt. With summer upon us this could make some good holiday reading for you. The competition can be accessed through the entry form on Survey Monkey.

Competition will run for a slightly longer period and will close on Wednesday 18th June.

The book is being reviewed but that is not yet ready, but will be soon. Have a look at the Amazon reviews by clicking the link below.



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Winners and answers to this quiz are as follows (although most do not need the answers) - the publisher has been very generous and there are 10 to give away to:

scuba angel
stand still
Grim Squeaker85
donni smith


Emails will be winging their way to winners soon requesting address etc to get the book to them


Q1 - there are 118 islands in the makeup of Venice
Q2 - Venice ceased to be a Republic in 1797
Q3 - there are 6 Quarters in Venice

If you are one of the unlucky ones or did not enter the competition, have a look at the review which has just gone up - looks like a cracking read and you may think about buying this for a fgood summer read: The Abduction

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