Book competition - Pot Luck August 2018


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Now that @MrBane has run his piddling competitions ( :cool: ) on Arrse it is time for another serious Book Competition - the reason Rum Ration was set up!!!

The competition, as ever is for books from my bookshelf and the prizes will consist of up to 6 books, one of each to each winner. The competition will run until Sunday 26 August 2018 and can be entered in the normal fashion through survey monkey:

Entry form for Book Comp Aug 2018

Have a go for a bit of fun, all questions are definitely general knowledge so no specialist skills or expertise required - well maybe a bit!


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I'm in and it's my birfday on the 26th - not trying to influence anything you understand..............................................


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Well that is this competition closed and winners chosen, they are:


Emails have gone to the victims lucky winners and I hope for an early response.

Q1, Up until 1970, pubs in Ireland, being highly religious, closed on St Paddy's Day!

Q2 Feeding oregano to cows reduces their methane output by up to 50%

Q3 Phil the Greek is the one who uses 'cabbage' and 'sausage' as endearments for his wife, HMQ.

And there we have it. Another one under the belt and no doubt I will now come in for calls for a knighthood or some such honour from the usual suspects! :mad:
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