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Judy was a Ship's Dog which followed her master into captivity when rounded up by the Japanese. Her story of bravery whilst in the camps is brought to us by Damien Lewis and makes for a fascinating read, whether you are a canine lover or not.

A good book to read when you are 'dog-tired' in the 'dog-watches' - just enter the competition through the Survey Monkey entry form here.

The book is being reviewed so hopefully that will be up on the site fairly soon.

Competition will run until Sunday 22nd June sometime between breakfast and bedtime.

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Actually, halfway through reading about Sea Dog Bamse - served with our Norwegian counterparts stationed on the NE coast of Scotland during WWII, died 1944 and it will be his 70th commemorative event at Montrose in July.


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The winners of this competition, chosen completely randomly from those people who answered all three questions correctly (!) are:

little grand slam
Gout Man (that should stop you trying to take my place as the site's moaning old git!)

Emails have gone to the winners for their details as per usual.

Answers are:

Q1 - Judy was on board HMS Grasshopper when she was 'captured' by the Japanese

Q2 - Judy received the Dickin Medal (got the spellung rite this time)

Q3 - The cartoon dog introduced by Walt Disney in 1930 was Pluto.

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