Book comp: Waterloo by Gordon Corrigan


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Subtitled “A New History of the Battle and its Armies”, from a highly respected military historian and writer. Corrigan brings a perspective of not only the battle but the generals and men who fought it.

There are five copies available as prizes and in order to win one you will have to complete the entry form on Survey Monkey and answer the extremely simple questions correctly.

The ARRSE review is not available yet but will be soon. The competition will run until Sunday 1st June, just in time for you to read for the 199th anniversary of the battle.


War Hero
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Winners of this competition are:

Imperial Warrior

E mails have gone out as usual.

Answers are:

Q1 The Frech & Germans call the Battle of Waterloo "La Belle Alliance"
Q2 Number of escalators in Waterloo underground station is: 23
Q3 Wellington is infamous for - not speaking to servants, but leave instructions on notes for them.
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