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Next book competition is for a novel set in the years after the Battle of Hastings. There are five copies available for prizes and as ever, all you have to do to be in whit a chance is to correctly complete the entry form:

The Harrowing Entry Form

This competition will run until Sunday 10th July at a time when I can be persuaded to close it.

The book has been reviewed and that review can be found by clicking the link:



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The moment you have all be waiting for has arrived. The winners of this competition are:


@Gout Man

Well done and emails have gone requesting your details so the publisher can send direct. An early response would be appreciated.

The answers!

Q1 - The Harrowing was William the Bastard setting down his rule over the North of Eng;and

Q2 - Eoforwic is now known as York

Q3 - William II succeeded his father as King of England.
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