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It has been a while so here is a quirky wee quiz for you to try out. The prizes, as ever, are books from my depleted bookshelf, pot luck with some novels and mil hist.

The competition will be open until Sunday 24 June at some point during thew day when I can be bothered to close and work out who has won:cool:

The competition can be reached through SurveyMonkey portal here: Entry Form

Good luck.


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Righty oh, comp closed and winners drawn, they are:


Emails have gone asking for contact details so I can send the book so an early reply would be appreciated.


Again I have been too easy as most got these correct - but not all by any means:

Q1 A Tarantula Hawk is a Wasp, and quite a vicious one at that.

Q2 There are 125 species of coffee plant, although only 6 species are used to make Coffee

Q3 A Copreae were court jesters in Roman times - lit "little shits".
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