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Here is a quick quiz which will last for just a week. Lets see how far we get with the simple, very simple, questions before we have the usual detractors! The competition will end on 6th March 2016.

The entry for can be found here: Pot Luck Comp

The prizes will consist of books I have had sent to me and there will be five good ones in total up for grabs, one each to the winners. Not sure what ones yet but may give the winners a choice of fiction/non-fiction/faction of whatever I have available. Completely Pot Luck.

Have a go and come back on Sunday next for the winners.


War Hero
Review Editor
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To a background of load moans, here are the winners of this month's book competition:


@Her Majesty The Lady Dale T Snail AGC (SPS) (Retd) (that is how it is shown)

The answers to this comp were relatively easy as the majority got them correct. They are:

Q1. When was the first 'official' game of rugby between the Navy & Army: A 1907

Q2. Who was the first person to be physically presented with their VC? A: Commander HJ Raby .I couldn't read my own writing and put MJ Raby on the question, but most were intelligent enough to realise it was HJ.

Q3. The Battles of Kohima and Imphal took place in A: India

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