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Quite a sad, yet uplifting book about the lives of 20 young men and women who lost their lives in Afghanistan. A timely reminder for us during the commemorations for the Anniversary of The Great War, that British Soldiers are still conducting their duties in dangerous and difficult times. This book is certainly worth reading.

The competition can be entered through Survey Monkey here.

Closing date for this competition is 14 December 2014

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Review can be found here.

This is a good, well written book which handles a very difficult subject extremely well and although a sad read, it is one that is well worthwhile.


War Hero
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Book Reviewer
Competition now closed and the winners are:

janner : Alien FTM : redmonkey : terroratthepicnic : denzh

Emails have been sent to them for their details - early response would be appreciated.


Q1 - the 2nd Afghan War ended with the Treaty of Gandamack

Q2 - after Maiwand the British Army no longer carried their Colours into battle

Q3 - the Boundary Line agreed in 1893 is the Durand Line
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