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Been a while since I had the time to set up a competition so here goes. We are approaching the silly season aka Christmas, so the questions are slightly silly, but valid nonetheless. There are taken from a book reviewed by me on Arrse previously, (which you all obviously went out to buy on the strength of my review!) "The QI Book of General Ignorance Vol III". The answers may not be to your liking but they all come from the book, makes the competition even more of a pot luck and allows my evil nature to come to the fore! :D

The competition can be reached as usual through Survey Monkey: Here

The competition will run until Monday 14th November 2016.

The prizes will consist of books from my bookshelf, in pristine condition as received from the publishers (Might include some dust). For this competition these will not be mil-hist but will be a mix of history and fiction.

Have some fun!

I'm in.
BTW, if anyone is interested in Robert Fitzroy and HMS Beagle especially the former's struggles with depression, , I can heartily recommend This Thing of Darkness by Harry Thompson. :


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Sorry for the delay (again) but I had computer issues which have now been sorted I hope. The winners of this competition are:



Now for the answers, of which only 17 people got all three correct, and which will have some people reaching for the keys for the outrage bus - too late it is out on a job.

Q1 Which country has the second largest film industry: - Nigeria (Nollywood):- India (Bollywood) is the largest!

Q2 According to historians, what is the oldest profession - Answer is Toolmaker

Q3 Who was the official naturalist on HMS Beagle: Answer Robert McCormick. Fitztroy was the Captain and Darwin was employed partly as a companion for the Captain and also to act as geologist. McCormick left the ship mid voyage and Darwin then took over his role.

So there you have it! I will put up another competition soon for some mil-hist and that comp will be followed by the annual Christmas Draw - details later.
I think we need a recount, Wrecker isn't supposed to win, just because he answered correctly , he now has a free bee prezzy to give away at Xmas, fix I say. Wings over
x back afties not for me,my preference is BNM's an appreciation,no he is boss for my sins,now that I think about he is like wife,dits/dits/dits as opposed to moan moan moan.

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