Book: "Armed Action" (Junglies in the Gulf)

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by stumpy, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. stumpy

    stumpy New member

    Thought you might like a heads up about a new book that has I have just found. It is called "Armed Action" and is a true stroy about a Junglie Lt Cdr during the invasion of Iraq. I have just read the first chapter and so far it looks very good.
  2. stumpy

    stumpy New member

  3. dogfish

    dogfish New member

    yep I have my nose in it every night. It's a really good book!

  4. stumpy

    stumpy New member

    I started today and am half way through. I want to just finish it tonight but will save the rest for the week Who would have thought it, WAFUs can write!
  5. shotty13

    shotty13 New member

    Its good for newbies actually, i've read it prior to my AIB for information about life on HMS Ocean and in the fleet air arm. Its a very good book but sometimes.... dare i say it, he is a tad up himself. If he uses the forums i'm dead arn't I!
  6. I have a signed copy. Great Book!
  7. Bagwafu

    Bagwafu New member

    Amazon site:
    Here's me thinking ACOS CSAV (delegated to SAVO) was responsible for S+P in the FAA.
    Or even the Boss of NFSF(RW) at the coal face. Obviously not. Discuss .......

    Whatever, good luck to him. I might write a ditty on Bagging, but then the mighty Mark 2 wasnt that exciting lol.
  8. NZ_Bootneck

    NZ_Bootneck War Hero

    How did he drag himself away from his mirror to write a book. Still typical pilot "Lets talk about me." :boogie: :boogie: :boogie:
    Loving your work, really guys He he he.
  9. Junglie

    Junglie New member

    I'll just give him a call and let him know how much you love him....i mean his book!
  10. slacky

    slacky New member

    Do me a favour - when you call him tell I would have appreciated a call before he puts me in the ******* thing!
  11. noggie

    noggie New member

    Great book, could not put it down once I started. It is now doing the rounds of Bardufoss Flystasjon :rendeer:
  12. JunglyDaz

    JunglyDaz Badgeman

    Yeah, I'm in the Ocean TAG photo. Where are my royalties? :lol:
  13. ZFWQ

    ZFWQ New member

    Not a bad read. But quite a few inaccuracies as to what happened in Ocean. Made me wonder if we were actually in the same ship at the same time.
  14. timex

    timex Badgeman

    Thought it wasn't too far away from the truth, I also think a bit of artistic license was pushed by the editors/producers.


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