Boobs or Bum

boobs or bum?!

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Come on then lads - are you "boob men"- or "bum men"?
OH and bro in law had a heated discussion last night over this- OH said its boobs , bro in law vehemently disagreed and said bum!!

So which is it? :toothy4:
Neither, don't like big bums and with boobs what you cannot get in the mouth is just a bonus. Now legs, hair eyes and a small pert body and we are rocking.

Nutty :thumright:


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I was disappointed to note there was not the Rum or Baccy option in the Poll & therefore feel that this was unrepresentational & not as democratic as I'd like.

However, given the scarcity of fitting options, one has little choice other that to state that you cannot beat a nice pert arse atop the webbing.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.
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