Boobies on Bikes found in New Zealand

In the old town on the "mainland"[Runcorn/Widnes] the annual charity bike run has been going for years. Makes a change from the stink from the Granox animal rendering plant



Lantern Swinger
NZ_Bootneck said:
It's a yearly PR stunt run by a seedy NZ Porn maker*, full of manky 2nd rate Septic Porn 'Stars', most of them with plastic T!ts and brains of a rocking horse.

*Steve Crow, this fine specimen of NZ manhood felt it appropriate to make a preggo sex flick that would have included footage of the birth of the child of the morally bereft retard of a woman who was the 'star' of the piece.
A fussy Matelot! Who knew?

With all the talk of whores and "taking one for the team" with the "fat girl" because "they are more grateful" etc I was under the impression that you were all total complete tarts :lol:

*is shocked*
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