bonoedge sick bay his home from home.


Bonoedge sea time record has a lot to be desired. Last trip he spent more time in the mess than in his watch keeping posistion and his excuse was a broken leg. Well if you would of looked where you was going bonoedge instead of rushing to the nutty bucket then you wouldnt of become a gash bag weight and a strain on a very tight watchbill. You should make a good MA shippers seeing as you spend most of your time in the HPL getting fixed up.
PS Ned says that you will not have time to play euchre with us as you will have lots of scrubbing out to do.

PPS time for a thread, time for tracing systems.


I recall that Topsy was in charge of the galley during that period. I shall pass this on to him. Im sure he would love to put you on a diet or Hasler food.


I agree there bonoedge! Who can stand to be in the same room as the Bailey Belly? I mean there is hardly much room in the galley if Bill is in there with his belly!

Mind, saying that bonoedge is a Sickbay Ranger! How much stood down time have you had? Your Separated Service probably reads 1/660 unlike mine 524/660! Or even Bills at 300/660! lol. Oh, how I laff x

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