Bonnie Scotland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by higthepig, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. Drug Addicts, heroin to be free on the NHS.The health service up here is a joke,a neighbour of mine went into hospital recently and had to take her own pillows,the hospitals are filthy, but they can find money for friggin junkies,im telling you guys were DOOMED!
  2. youre lucky you have a hospital to take pillows to!!!!our local one is 12+ Million in the red and one on the south coast is over 100 million in the red.Soon we wont have any kin hospitals!
  3. The Scots Hospitals at the moment are over managed and thats where all the dosh goes .
    The desk pushers ,administrators, hangers on,go-fors and tea wetters are killing the NHS .
    They actually had the gall to remove the cleaners and now there's more chance of going to hospital and catching something worse than you went in with--

    Yes we are doomed!!
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    This what you get when you have a devolved Parliament with no responsibilies for having to raise the monies needed to run things, the Uni fees is another example.
    Its time that funding for Scotland, Wales and the English Regions was put on a fairer footing with less Government and more responsibility
  5. Here, Here Janner.
  6. Here's a thought, if the Scots were really so much of a cost to England wouldn't Maggie have sold us of to the highest bidder, or does England still keep us to satisfy pent up imperial desires?

  7. I know that at one time there was talk of closing the maternity unit up in Wick (to save money) the next nearest Mat unit would have been down in Inverness (a couple hours drive away). I can thankfully say that common sense prevailed and this was shelved.
    I heard from a reliable source last week that a guy was due for a replacement knee operation to be carried out in Inverness. He was about to be wheeled in for the operation when he was told (by who I dont know) that he was to young at the age of 47. How was this farce allowed to get that far and how much did it cost Raigmore in wasted time (surgery time), money and the taking up of a bed? As a sufferer of knee problems I can only imagine what the guy went through as he thought all his knee problems would be over.
  8. In my opinion the Scots can go which ever way they want, from full Independence to complete integration. They can sort out with the various Islands, Shetlands etc. what their relationship will be.

    BUT what really irks the residence of England is the different types of Government allocated by Westminster, where they hold on to complete control of England because that is where the power and money generation lay.

    Lets see who has their own Parliament or Some form of independent Government.

    Scotland Yes
    Orkney's Yes
    Shetlands Yes
    Northern Ireland Yes
    Wales Yes
    Guernsey Yes
    Isle of Man Yes
    Jersey Yes
    Hebrides Yes
    Sark Yes

    England No
    Lundy No
    St Kilda No
    Isle of White No
    Canvey Island No
    Hayling Island No

    Then to add insult to injury the MP's from many of the "Yes" areas sit in Westminster and vote on items which only effect England. But MP's from Scotland get to vote on what happens in England. Without MP's from Scotland and Wales the Labour Party could not control the Westminster Parliament.

    All I ever asked for when I was a UK resident was exactly the same represent ion for all the citizens of the Parliament which ran the country in what ever form that country was made up. i.e. if your part of the UK had its own lower Parliament then all parts have one. All these Lower Parliaments are to have the same powers and tax raising rules. Currently we have at least seven different types of Goverment or representation in the UK that cannot be right.

    Now I still pay UK taxes but have no vote and no say and little interest.

  9. Nutty as a Jock of long standing, but now residing in England, I agree with your view on Scots/Welsh/Northern Irish elected MP's having a say in what goes on within England.
  10. Not only that they have the remedy in their own hands, they have by far the most MPs, I get rather sick of all the moaning about what we appear to have done to them, when in reality the resolution of their moans is in their own hands.


    PS The Orkneys, Shetlands and Hebrides have just as much self government as the dear old Isle of Wight.
  11. wrong actually. when the Scots voted for their own parliament, they had a dual vote (don't you remember, the result was 'yes, yes'?) the second vote in the referendum was for the power of the devolved parliament to alter the tax rate by 1p in the pound. Admittedly, not a great deal of flex, but still enough to add £6.5 M to the Scottish budget to alleviate problems - however, i'm not entirely sure if it has been implemented yet or how far £6.5M stretches to these days....

    On the matter of Uni fees, maybe scotland would be better off if so many english people didn't start moving to bogus scottish addresses and using those LEAs to fund their university education. So the english are freeloading as usual...
  12. Peter

    The Orkneys, Shetlands and Hebrides have just as much self government as the dear old Isle of Wight. Would they wish to remain part of an Independant Scotland, The Orkneys, Shetlands I think not.

    Do you mean by the amount of MP's English MP's if so that would be like asking the labour and Lib/Dem MPs to vote themselves out of power for ever. With out Welsh and Scottish MP's they would struggle to ever get a majority except in years of excessive Tory sleeze. The Tories, bearers of the UNION, are no more likely to join the argument that would reduce their power if they ever get voted back in.


    Equality for all perhaps the Scots MP's should vote for that.
  13. Any thoughts of druggies getting heroin free on the NHS?
  14. yep - it's pants! scots tax probably already pays enough to these people in benefits, without paying for their drugs as well. morbis as it may sound, we'd be better off letting them kill themselves and using the tax to help the people who really need (and by that i don't mean asylum seekers living in glasgow!)
  15. its fine as long as the drugs they use are the ones that have been siezed by Customs and excise.If not i dont want to be foooting the bill!!!!
  16. Some do but most who have registered get methadone. Is is a case for the legalization of all drugs to be supplied in fairly controlled circumstances, as is alcohol and tobacco controlled in loose circumstances. this could then eliminate all the crime to do with the supply and all the crime committed to raise cash to pay for drugs. It does of course have problems and would need a mindset change in public opinion.

    Let the Jocks try it first like Poll Tax I say.

  17. Yes thats where its happening first,its supposed to be to prevent deaths ,what with dirty needles etc.I just wish the NHS would clean up the hospitals first,before they they start cleaning them up, aye Bonnie Scotland my *rse.
  18. Whether or not the Orkneys and Shetlands would want some separate deal is a point, although it is usually raised by those with an English rather than a local accent.

    For most of the nearly 300 years the UK parliament has been constituted in Westminster the preponderance of English MPs have taken great joy in messing about with and messing up purely Scots laws, why should we not have a litle fun of our own now.

    I can understand why those opposed to legislation passed with Scots votes may feal agreived, but by the same token there are those who supported that legislation who are pleased. As things stand by law those MPs have that right and why should they not exercise it, but I suspect that few north of the borders would have the slightest concern if that right was removed. As I have said it is up to the preponderance of English MPs in parliament to sort it out not the minority.

  19. Is this thread wandering? or is it me?.
  20. I think that is the nature of current affairs threads, a slight tangential move from but one poster can create a parralel universe in seconds.


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