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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Strangely_Brown, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. From what period were RM's commando trained?

    I ask because one of my employee's has just lost his grandmother and searching through her possessions has found a picture of granddad wearing RM uniform at his wedding, I said "Oh he was RM Commando then"?
    My employee says "no he wasn't a Commando" he was just a Marine!

    So can he have just been a marine?
  2. google history of the Royal Marines Commando. It`s all there, heres a snippet

    1942 saw the formation of the first Royal Marines Commandos. 5 RM Commandos were amongst the first to land on D Day, and two thirds of all the landing craft involved were crewed by Royal Marines. 16,000 members of the Corps took part in Operation "Overlord" in many roles, some even manning tanks. After the war the Royal Marines spent much time in action in the Far East, including involvement in the Malayan emergency and in Borneo, and also in Korea, Suez, Aden, and Cyprus. In
  3. As Hig says google it, but basically there were army and marine commando's during WW2 as well as "normal" marines. After WW2 the army commandoes disbanded and the RM took on the role whereby every Marine was trained to Commando standard. Wifes Grandad was an ordinary Marine as was my Uncle.
  4. Thanks Guys, good info.
  5. Is it true the word commando comes from the Boer word kommando?
  6. Yes; that's my understanding of the word.
  7. Is it true that the word kommando comes from the Portuguese word Comando?

    Isn't wiki so wonderful?
  8. Nah, it's from the Hindi Khomandidhobiwallah, he was the Indian manservant during the Raj who was responsible for checking the gusset of the Sahibs Jodphurs for skid marks after a chukka of polo.
    Due to the heat and discomfort caused by wearing underwear the Pukka chaps used to go 'Khomandi' (Knickerless in Hindi) and so the need for the aforementioned Khomandidhobiwallah was born.
    The habit was then taken up by the Boers, as it enabled them to fight from the saddle with out the need to carry fersh Y-fronts or have resource to talcum powder to battle heat rash, the resulting weight saving enabled them to patrol for longer periods.
    It did mean however that after a couple of weeks on the Veldt he'd have to get back to the homestead for a fresh pair of trousers and a good ring dhobi from the missus.
    Whilst in Boer captivity Winston Churchill observed this behaviour and when the idea for raiding forces was mooted and a name was required Churchill anglisised Khomandi to Commando as he thought it would toughen up the prospective Commandos to undergo training Khomandi.

    Slow day at work obviously. :D
  9. OK then, so if I asked a bootie in the field to thrash out my smalls I expect a nice positive response!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Who the fcuk believes Wiki. Thats why I asked!!!!!
  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I thought it came from the old Naval word to mean "person who goes out to trap whilst wearing no undercrackers" :? :wink:
  12. I thought ALL Marines were normal.

    Gullible of Gettysberg
  13. The wifes Uncle was a Major in ww2! (sounds like a song from Wings dunnit)

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