Bone Question but not a Waaah!

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by Gunny_Highway, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. Can adult instructors in the Marine Detatchment SCC attend the Commando Course? Was on a recent SRMO and there were a few AIs wearing green lids (obviously some could have been IN and come OUT).

    Just curious - I'm too fat to try!!!!
  2. Hopefully they earned it in a former service life.

    Otherwise I suspect there's a name for the species and the surname is Mitty.
  3. Yeah they had Essence of Walt about them
  4. We have one in our unit who wears his green lid and a Para badge..........while telling me of his entitlement he came out with statements like 'I didn't realise how big the badge was' and 'it wasn't that hard to find a lid on ebay'

    Which to me shouts WALT loud and clear
  5. Surely the SCC regulates and controls the adult instructors. If they are found to be wearing the green lid without doing Commando Training they should get slung out, castrated and publically humiliated! Oops sorry got a bit carried away.
  6. From what I can gather, I don't think they can. I'm not totally sure, but theres nothing in the SCC Regulations about it. Good question though!
  7. in answer to gunny's question. NO

    sea cadet adult staff cannot attend the commando course through the sea cadets.

    the only way is to join the RM, or be serving in another branch of the armed forces, and attend the ALL ARMS COMMANDO COURSE.

    womping willow,

    do you mean he is wearing a green beret WITH a para beret badge?

    usually you wil find that a bootie will wear a bootie badge, and a para a para badge, and both will be fiercly proud of their relevant beret and badge.

    cant see anyone wearing a mix if they are genuine.

    from scc dress regs.

    The Green Commando Beret may be worn by MCD Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers ONLY provided they have:-
    Passed the Commando Course or the All Arms Commando Course at CTCRM Lympstone.
    Written authority from SRMO.
    Neither the Royal Marines nor the Royal Navy Commando shoulder flash is to be worn.
    SCC Officers and Senior Rates may wear the Green Commando Beret (iaw para a & b) only worn when attached to Marine Cadets e.g. National Marine Cadet Camp and Gibraltar Cup.
  8. If an AI has served as a Royal Marine and passed the commando course he may wear the green lid. SCRs allow this. It also allows any AI to wear para wings if they have qualified whilst in the services and have served in a suitable role.

    DCI used to state that cadet forces could have places on the AAAC course at Lympstone. However they were at the bottom of the heirarchy list and I should imagine the chance of someone getting approval to go on it would be pretty slim if not impossible, or indeed finding an AI who could spare the 16 weeks.

    AI's service records are checked during the joining process and I know in the past we have wedded out quite a few mitty's although I can think of a few AI's I have come across who could probably do with having a deeper records check against them.

    The SCC is no different as any other cadet force when it comes to Walts. I've come across some corkers in my time I can tell you.
  9. What are Walts?
  10. The term "Walt" comes from "Walter Mitty" who was a character who bigged himself up and claimed to be something he wasn't

    For instance if you had an Instructor in a cadet force who was wearing a Green lid and claiming to have served as a Royal Marine, without having completed the commando course then this person would be regarded as a Walt.

    I suggest you go and look at the ARRSE website as they have a great explanation in the Arrsepedia

    have fun
  11. Alarm WAH

  12. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 8O
  13. Used to have a QMSI from the Commando Engineers when I was an occifer cadet who had both, and he was about as genuine as they come. I've seen, and know of a few others with the both badges.

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