Discussion in 'Submariners' started by witsend, May 10, 2012.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

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  2. Dont beat about the bush, tell us what you really think. :)
  3. Coulport is a good jolly and you can always catch a bus home if you feel homesick.
  4. Fortunately I never had a bomber, I don't wear a bomber pin with pride!!!

  5. I have NEVER seen the words 'Coulport' and 'good jolly' in the same sentence before. Have you passed a drugs test recently? ^_~
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  6. Whinging now 'cos you're a strawb?
  7. I spent some 2 years (on and off) in 184A (i think that's it's number but it was some 20 years ago) at Coulport

    i never saw a bus go by once and nor did i ever see the sun shine either :)
  8. Ah they'r Submariner.jpg not that bad... :)
  9. I had to volunteer for boats for a better chance of getting redundancy in 96. I was all pysched up to go Boats - bombers just in case. I doubt if I could have handled the smallness of an S-T boat.
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  10. Did one patrol on RESO (the first in 68 and was bored shitless. Then somebody offered me a way off, which I took with both hands. Spent the next 10 years in SM 3 and 2, doing NATO shoot'em ups, those trips that never happened and 6 weeks day running from St Croix. And I never thought about Coulport once.
  11. Coulport was not a draft for the faint hearted and directly led to me submitting 18 months notice. Bitter? I go to the pub for that now.
  12. Single-decker blue things with Royal Navy painted on the side. They went to the married patch via Faslane, which meant two cigarette smuggling checks in one bus journey. You thought you had got away with an extra five fags over the allowance leaving Coulport only to be found out at the south gate; what-a-bummer.

  13. Ditto. Went down one to the Cab space once, didnt catch any thing and they didnt turn me.
  14. Yea gods 'witsend' you only just realised that? I could have told you that forty two bleeding years ago!! Bloody things full of prima donnas and weirdos!
  15. What about the 'smallness' of diesel boats ................oops sorry none left!!
  16. Nothing wrong with Coulport, it's an excellent place to get your rod out.
  17. Now that is sexual deviation bar none!!!
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