Bombers or T/A-Boats?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by off_les_aura, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. Calling all Bomber Queens. I need some career advice. PM me plz
  2. So desperate you started 2 identical threads?
  3. Was that bomber queens? or did he mean bummers and queens. I'm looking for a hobby. :roll: :wink:
    There is a gap in my life since I started turning white. 8O
  4. Has your willy shrunk back to it's original size, have you lost your rhythm?
  5. Yes mate, back to the rediculouse 10", and what I'm supposed to do with that heavens knows, hardly worth having. :oops:
    Guilty guilty got no rythem, though its easy to pretend, my wife is not a fool. :roll: :wink:
  6. At least all your redundant bling should be worth something according to all those ads on the telly. Caught my sons eyeing up my gold tooth the other day 8O
  7. Dunno what happened there mate, must have pressed it twice or something.

    Pretty desparate though, I'll probably have to submit my preferences soon and I'm trying to balance family stablility/boredom against hard graft/runs ashore/being away from the wall for most of the year.
  8. Gold tooth, listen shippers I swear to god there is a move afoot in my drum. I have fallen down the stairs twice of late under very suspicious circumstances.
    The kitchen light switch has bitten me and even the dog has started viewing me as a meal.
    I have two gold teeth courtesy of HMG, but I carry a bonus ball that worries me.
    I have two stents in my plumbing, and they are as you may or may not know made of platinum and fetch 3 grand a piece on the open market.
    Every time that cash for gold ad comes on the telly, the entire family look at me in a very disturbing way. :roll: 8O :(
  9. For quality family time I would say a two crew bomber,even single crew you will get some fifth watch time off. SSNs do get jollys but they are getting few and far between and loads of sea time
  10. That's what I figured. Bit "roomier" as well, I'd imagine?
  11. More room on a bomber, you can get very good stints of time off. Bloody boring when at sea though, take lots of books, lots of tunes. What spec will you be? Binny or Pinky?
  12. Mate I've done 20 years as a WAFU on both Jets and Helos. I don't even know what a Binny is :oops: but in my world I'm a Pinky - Radio/Radar.

    I'm going MESM 8O Natural choice for a WAFU Pinky, wouldn't you agree? Fancied a change... :lol:

    Don't mind being bored, in fact I'd be looking forward to a bit of boredom after my current job. Family stability/time at home is more important to me at this stage of life than getting shite-ers in some far flung corner of the world.

    Royal Navy by choice, Fleet Air Arm by the Grace of God, Submarine Service by Mid-Life Crisis
  13. Don't have to worry about your dhobying there is a man to do it. You get weekends at sea, ice cream machine canteen, cabin to yourselve etc.
  14. Polycell you are a nasty man!! As a binBag your watchkeeping routines will be 4s and 3s as opposed to the 6s the front Cu£$s work. Fairly regular all night in - 1 day in 4 I think. hot and cold running wets. Your own pit and plenty of movies. Steak, Choc Ices, Pizza once per week.

    Oh and no nagging from the missus for 3 months
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Having spoke to you before mate, T, A and lastly bombers.
  16. But you're biased.... :wink:

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