Bomber shot down over Pompey Harbour !! Gen Dit

Discussion in 'History' started by Kin_Student, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. Hello,
    Straight away let me apologise for the sexed up title which could mislead folks to click on my post for breaking news on some AQ attack on Paulsgrove. I did however not want this first post to slip under the radar without some Historical genius that i hope lurks around here casting their expert eye over it first .

    I am a 3rd Year GIS student and for my dissertation i am mapping the bombing of Portsmouth during WW2 and comparing this data to a Luftwaffe crew map that came into my possession by way of my ninja grandfather who took it from the fella he shot down from Whale Island.

    My problem is , i am trying to find records of the bugger he shot down for authenticity and so far have advanced no further than an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping. Details are sketchy , its believed it was 1941, the aircraft was a Dornier and it came to rest on the mudflats. Unfortunately the old boy died before i was born and this mini legend has been passed on by my dad(along with the map,cheers pops).

    Would some of the older and bolder be able to throw any light on this or maybe point me in the right direction as to how to find out ? So far everyone i have asked including Royal Navy Museum, English Heritage, Pompey Council have scratched their heads and came up with Foxtrot Alpha.

    Gents , any help would be much appreciated
    Kin Student
  2. Can't help with your query I'm afraid, but just love your signature! :lol:

  3. Any dates ? Portsmouth Record Office might be worth a shout.
  4. Ohhh! THAT sort of bomber - when I saw the title, I thought you meant one of those big black things from Faslane! :wink:

    Have you contacted the Queens Harbourmaster? I suggest them since they tend to keep records of any obstructions or debris that may affect the safe passage of any shipping entering the harbour. Therefore, they may have records of any bombers shot down due to dangers of explosives and wreckage.


    Hope this helps.

    Edited for grammar (twice FFS).
  5. Tattoo Dog , Proper job that man , Now you mention it QHM seems obvious . Just not to a shit wit like me however . Good effort and thank you , i will chase them up in the AM.
  6. PNG , again that looks to be a blinder , thanks . After a good few months now of me going down blind alleys 5 minutes on here and two good leads . Quality !! Actually come to think of it , you're already making me look daft , bugger .
  7. That being said I've found a likely contender or two, just a year earlier...
  8. Hmm , well the year isn't set in stone . We know the flightpath of the a/c , it came along the ridge of Portsdown hill from the east and then dropped over Paulsgrove and flew low over the harbour and was knacked by Granpappy while he was teaching AA Gunnery on Whale Island.

    My Dad says Granps was there as a Chief GI in 1941 but whats a year or two between friends ? My Dad is after all a man who doesn't turn on his mobile because " I'm not made of money boy ".

    What have you found then PNG ?
  9. Right, I've found
    12-08-40 - 9K+FS -- Ju88 A-1,3/KG51, shot down Portsmouth Dockyard
    12-08-40 - 9K+BS/4078 -- Ju88 A-1,8/KG51, shot down by AA fire cr in Portsmouth Harbour
    so far

    Edit: They're Junkers, I know, but they're in the right place :oops:
    Edit2: I can't actually find any Dornier on the record I'm looking at, not to say there weren't any. It's mainly Ju88s, He111s, various marks of Bf1 and similar. Other nearby crashes are at Thorney Island and in the Solent, again Ju88s.
  10. Ok mate at least we are on the right track especially with the AA crew one , sounds good . Are you getting this from the link you posted first ? i cant find the database on there. Good effort PNG
  11. Oh yes. Sorry - bad manners. Those two records are from here, with a hell of a lot more information available from this document. Loads of other sites about but nothing so directly linked. The document has lots and lots of information on various aspects of marine/tidal crash sites, records and access (or not) to both from various agencies, archives, departments and governments.
    Hope that helps.

    (I'm a third year history student by the way) :p
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    With regard to your Grandpa, it is possible that the GI's Association may have some gen on him. You could get a contact by writing to the Officer in Charge of the Museum, HMS Excellent, Portsmouth (I know him but PERSEC suggests that I don't put his name on here). He will also certainly be interested in Whaley actually shooting down an aircraft and may even have more detail on the incident. there may also be group photos etc in the museum. If you visit, make an appointment and take id.
  13. Bit of deja vu here ( did i already say that ?) . My replies have disappeared ? interesting. PNG thanks for the link fella , more good work . Seen that site before but discounted it as it was wrong year and aircraft .

    Seaweed , brilliant idea, BZ to you sir . I shall contact Whaley Monday morning , im just sure they would want to hear from a necky stoodent before stand easy. Thanks for all the help
  14. Apologies for dragging up an old dull thread but would just like to say that the dissertation has now been handed in looking gleaming and im off to sit on Southsea Common whilst getting slowly shiters.

    In the end couldn't confirm the story behind the Luftwaffe aircrew map as the only incidents that came close to the dit were in 1940 and the map was issued in 1941.

    Before i go though , thanks everyone who took the trouble to reply, PNG , good luck with your work shippers. Tattoodog and Seaweed , cheers lads

  15. Ninja kept that one quiet? :D

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