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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by etsandy, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. Well I went to slops today to collect my bomber pin and have attached a pic of it if anyone is interested in what they look like. Anyone who has seen the US badge may see some resemblance....

  2. etsandy,

    Thanks for making the effort.

  3. That is harry von turbo uber gash.
  4. Whereabouts on your rig do you wear it?
  5. Not a submariner but i think the badge is poor and could be a lot better and you all should have one
  6. Looks like a monopoly piece. Maybe look better in brass, something to brasso then :p
  7. Hmmm another reason to hope I don't end up on bombers.
  8. I make no comment except to note that the Dumbarton Debs will amongst the first of those earning them for 'services rendered'. 8O
  9. I actually quite like it - but then, I've been out of Bombers for over 30 years and any bit of tin (plastic) to impress my simple colleagues with is good for me (I know I'll have to buy one). I'll think you may find that ex Bomber folks will be more appreciative of it than current serving Bomber folks, and/or submariners in general. Nostalgia is a powerful thing.
  10. I can understand your point Dummytime. I have my RE Capbadge in the drawer. I had great times during my 5 years as a TA Reservist and its a nice lil reminder of them all. One of the older brass ones too rather than the Staybrite plastic jusnk.

    Now I'll duck before the STAB abuse barrage comes overhead :p
  11. I posted this on another thread Rummers
    Rules for the four knot fudge packer pin wearing are


    a. Officers, WOs, SRs: Top of the pocket, with the top of the missile element just below the top of the pocket, and in the centre line of the Dolphins.

    b. JRs: 1 cm below the bottom of the medals, and in the centre line of the Dolphins. If only medal ribbons are being worn, then it is to be 1cm below the ribbons, if no medals have been awarded then it is to be worn 2cm below the Dolphins.


    a. Officers, WOs, SRs, JRs: Top of the pocket with the missile element just below the top of the pocket, in the centre line of the Dolphins.

    A small pin is also available for wearing with 3s with tie, and also for Mess Undress.

    Further info on the correct wearing of the DPP can be sought from RNTM 074/10

    For those who are now civilians, I checked with the Submarine Musuem and they will be selling them at £6 a go. They will also get in miniature versions for mess undress etc.

    Fortunately I'm not entitled to them as I was always a submariner :wink:
  12. When will they bring a badge out for the great unwashed of diesel submersibles? That could go alongside my new bomber badge!
  13. Oh and whats the NSN please? need to order a bomber badge ta!
  14. I just LOL'd heavily at this
  15. Mrs barneyrnsm did ask on seeing the picture of the new badge,is it a drawer handle?
    Thoughts on that?
  16. Thanks for the pic Sandy --appreciated .

    Might buy one but probably not wear it --- I'll keep it as a keepsake and show the other S.A branch members what the RN is putting out for
    SSBN crews .

    The badge is very like the USN one ------maybe they would have been
    better to do the ''stars'' as well for patrols completed instead of having a
    gold coloured one for whatever it is number of patrols completed .

    Also like the USN wear Dolphins or SSbn Dolphins but not the two
    together .

  17. The way the rules on how they are to be worn is phrased makes it clear that, if one is eligible for the bomber pin, then it must be worn whenever the dolpins are worn. (There is no compulsion to wear dolphins in 3s - white short-sleeved shirt - so bomber fags have a choice when in this rig; none or both.) As an ex-bomber fag, you would therefore technically be incorrectly dressed if you chose to wear dolphins sans fag-pin, and should receive whatever sanction your SA branch deem appropriate.
  18. fails_as_is

    fails_as_is Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I like it because it instantly defines Missile marys/four knot fudgepackers/bomber queens and the rest of us great unwashed.
  19. That's as chad as yer Dad, why must we copy the Septics?
    I suppose Royal will be getting badges to show he's qualified to fire his gat next, as per USMC. :roll:

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