Bolivian Government takes over energy reserves

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PartTimer, May 2, 2006.

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    A worrying development in South America. I would guess that any foreign companies thinkinbg about invetsing in Bolivia will be having second thoughts. Countries have been invaded for less before, eg Suez and Panama.
  2. If the Yanks decided to invade Bolivia, I think they would bite more than they could chew as there are at least 2 other SA countries who are somewhat anti-American. They have in the past caused turmoil with their interference with the legally electeted Governments
  3. Depending upon the motives of the ruling authority this is the way it should be with essential services or natural assets controlled by the state.The current price of fuel in democratic countries illustrates what private ownership does with necessities such as fuel . Providing the profits go into the state coffers I believe this is the way it ought to be and this may be the begining of a global trend. I am pissed off with the fluctuating price of petrol and the dizzy heights of the cost and so are many others I bet. Gotta have the right people in charge though. With the US government, it's only a front for big business I reckon same as the rest of so called democracies . Grrrrrrr!

  4. On the other hand, say you're a large multi-national. You soend billions of dollars surveying and setting up production facilities. Half you profits are already going to the Government, quite aside from local employment etc. The they go and nationalise your facilites, saying they'll buy your stake at a rate they'll determine. I wouldn't be a happy money.

    Don't forget those fat oil company profits are helping to boost our pensions (for those of us in money purchase plans).

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