BOI findings...HMS Tireless UI fire in a SCOG

I have just read the BOI findings. Being an ex Tireless rating I have admit to having to get up once or twice to go and look out of my kitchen window for a bit.
It was while reading the firefighting attempts with all the SOPS and EOP's being quoted that I found myself there with them. I was in the bunk space in the mad scramble to evacuate and aft of 29 on EBS with the lads knowing that they were scared witless but also determined to do something...anything to help. This report is not something I want to read again.

The reference to treating the bodies with the utmost respect to prepare them for transfer off the boat had me in tears. I did not know them...but I do...they were us. The lad stuck up in the FEC on his own and what he did brings a lump to my throat. All alone and putting fires out with his bare hands...I feel very humble!

RIP to the two guys who are on eternal patrol...there but for the grace of God
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