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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Lynx101, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys,
    just a quick question, I found this video on youtube------>
    I think its great by the way, but can you tell me what ship that is (looks like a type 22??) and what it was made for? Big well done to all thos envolved, has made my month seeing that!
    *I love the bit with the pilots head banging!!!!
  2. The ship was made to sail the 7 seas protecting Her Maj's Interests ,foreign and Domestic and also to blow the shite out of any nautical wrongdoers,hope this helps.

    P.S. The vid is shite by the way.A lot better out there.
  3. What I meant was what was the video made for? Any specific reason or not?
  4. A 22 yes, why, for a bit of fun probably
  5. A rehersal for Britains got talent i do believe.

  6. X X X they failed miserably then.
  7. That Plonk Piers Morgan would probably let it run it's duration.

    Still, nothing wrong with a good bit of fun from the officers.
  8. Vain attempt by the wdrm to "get with it".
    Total rubbish imo :roll:
  9. I believe it was released in response to the Armys version of Road to Amarillo which was shown all over the news.

    Apparently the RN's version was done before the Armys version.

    If it gets the RN in the news for anything other than the wrong reasons then it'll do for me.

    The armys always on the telly helping out on TV shows etc why shouldn't the Navy get in on the act. Fair play to em if you ask me.
  10. Maybe its because they all get kit that looks ok when worn.
    We get kit that looks a fecking disgrace straight off the ironing board.
    (I'm talking 8s not 1s here)
  11. Just watched the video. What a feed of shit ! I recognise a couple of faces on there. First is Steve Beard, ex killick WEM, moved on to Comms in the in the OM branch crossover. I was on the same ones course as him, a really nice fella. Then there was the bird holding the pineapple, she was IST on either the Sheffield or the Gloucester. She had a massive head, if I remember correctly. Also the Jimmy on there used to be a PWO on the Sheffield. Tim 'something or other' Just feel sorry for the poor old steward who had to get the skippers table out especially whilst the wardroom skylarked around. I can bet my bottom dollar that no officer stowed it away after their tomfoolery.

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