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bohemian rhapsody

WarMonger said:
Going back to the original of the Bohemian Rhapsody Im sure this is a video from the same deployment...not as funny but an excellent video that cant do the recruiting cause any harm...good choice of soundtrack!!

Royal Navy Deployment

Call me sad but there's nothing like the sight of a pussers grey cutting through the sea.....poetry in motion...beautiful..!!!

Much, much better than flogging the ensign off for chav clothing.

I remember years ago they did 'Behind the Lines' about RM advanced training, where the start of the course was to jump onto a pinacle of rock (which the trainer Sgt did but the others had lines attached to them. A couple failed, one of whom was a US Ranger apparently!

I'm surprised that they have not had this televised, like the Army and their 'what do you want to be today....'

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