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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by GunZaBlazin, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. There are a number of very good gyms near me and I know a few lads who are really into body building and are constantly lifting weights just to get big and powerful.

    I have witnessed before a bodybuilder beating the shit out of a guy with kickboxing and wrestling training who was, apparently, a very experienced martial artist. This bodybuilder just hit him so hard and then over powered him and gave him a real kicking on the ground.

    I think it's a a common thing to say skill beats size and whatnot but in a basic street fight you can't argue that if you're massive and bulky and strong you are going to have a really big advantage over people. also looking big will mean people tend to think twice before starting on you.

    I'm also joining the marines soon and want to be big and strong for my training and for the respect from my corporals and my fellow recruits.

    What are your opinions on body building though? Are there any points to keep in mind or factors to include due to me starting training soon?
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  7. You can slag off body building. But look at most PTIs. A lot of them look like stez heads and they must blatantly train to get big. You can't deny that a lot of soldiers want to be big so I think it's a valid point.
  8. As a many PTI's have you come across...or indeed some over !!
  9. I saw a load on look at life courses. You saying it's not true?
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  11. Hi mate,

    I've been into Bodybuilding for a couple years now and i'd say that Diet makes up 90% of training, as i'm sure you've heard "you are what you eat", so if you eat crap you'll look crap, simple. Work out how much you weigh in lb's and then aim to consume 1.5g of Protien per 1lb of body weight, e.g:

    Say you weigh 180lbs, then you should be aiming to consume 270g of Protien spread out across the day.

    Carbs should be roughly the same as your Protien intake but this will depend on your metabolism so you'll need to find a happy medium for this, as well as carbs/protien you should aim to get plenty of good dietary fats in such as Omega 3, 6 & 9, you can get these from flaxseed oil or olive oil etc... Aim to have 6 small meals a day eating every couple of hours to keep your metabolism going and train hard in the Gym and you'll see results mate.

    With regards to training, remember that strict form is more important than sheer weight, you'll no doubt see plenty of guys lifting silly weight in the gym but 9/10 they'll be using downright pants form which is only going to give them an injury in the long run. Start off slow and stick to compound movements such as the Deadlift, Squat and Benchpress.

    However, if you're joining the marines soon i wouldn't advise you to go nuts in the Gym mate, i'd imagine CV work is more import to them surely? Muscle mass uses up a ton of fuel and as such you'll need to eat a ton in order to maintain it, if you're going to be doing lots of distance running and physical fitness etc... then i can't see you holding onto the muscle for very long + your endurance is sure to take a big hit.
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  15. Thanks mate for that advice. it has really helped a lot. The diet thing is going to be the hardest challenge for me. I'm lucky to have a fast metabolism as generally eat what I want and drink a lot at weekends but am not overweight. But i plan to tidy my diet up soon as. I am possibly just joining the TA (mercian regiment) now anyway.

    In terms of cardio (I know this is important as well as lifting in order to look ripped) would you recommend long short runs at a very slow pace or short and fast runs? I find the latter much harder.

    I am currently doing a program that goes like this. But bear in mind I am a complete beginner who has just started:

    Tuesdays - Pushing exercises (ie chest, triceps, etc)
    Thursdays - Pulling exercises (arms, back, abs etc)
    Sundays - Legs

    I do half an hour run at steady pace each session too
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    Edit, but it was the NATO standard answer to a nailz post.
  18. Cheers mate. was worried about the cardio as want to be toned as well as big. but I guess if your diet is spot on it'll be ok.

    Thanks again

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