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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, May 15, 2009.

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  1. My question is:does an AK47 round go thru body armour?I thought[but don't know] that Kevlar stopped rifle rounds.
    I have certainly seen the USA testing such armour against rifle rounds.

    Also what is the baccy that the American[and oil riggers] chew? I seem to see them all putting baccy pills in the mouth then spitting in bottles.!anyone tried it?
    I know when I left school and went down the pits a lot of the pitmen used chewing baccy as there was no smoking,tried it and it was foul tasting and nearly burnt my mouth away,can't be the same stuff,got an answer to these questions?Cheers
  2. It will be. Red Man?

    I used to work with a bloke who chewed betel nut, and had black teeth as a result. Nice.

    Edit - both are pretty good ways of increasing your chance of getting oral cancer, which is something you really don't want.

  3. Have chewed baccy and taken snuff, baccy gives you the nicotine fix as does snuff to a lesser extent. The Americans and Canadians have this block which is a mixture of dried fruit (apple, raisins apricots etc) with tobacco. this tastes so nice that you you forget it's baccy and swallow the juice which makes you spew your ring up.
  4. If you got a lemon KEVLAR then that's it ..... :lol: .... But in due time I think this doubts can be addressed by technology...
  5. The way body armour works is open source (google search "body armour uk", 3m hits in 0.35 secs!) although I agree that discussing the details of in-service kit is unacceptable. Body armour consists of an outer cover, the filler (inner) and inserts. These are rated according to set standards; HOSDB (formerly PSDB) set those in the in UK. In general terms fillers will stop LV rounds and rarely full power HV rounds and the plates stop various rounds; both of these depend on composition and thickness.

    The septics often use "dip" rather than chewing baccy. They stick a wad in the teeth and gum and then proceed to salivate like a paedo at a maddy lookalike competition!

  6. What the Americans use is called chewing tobacco or dip. Chewing tobac is chewed and dip, the pill, is put between your cheek and gum and suck on it to get the juice out. Hope that helps.
  7. The yanks use something called Dip
    The two brands favoured by the marines im working with is Kodeak and copenburge,
    Kodeak is a short cut and sometimes called snuff
    Copenburge is a longer cut both are flavoured with winter green
    both are placed inside the lip and they use bottles to spit into.
    both will course your teeth to fall out and cancer of the mouth all printed in large letter on the case... so good stuff
    In europe the brand is Skol bandits same stuff same result
    if any one want some give me a shout and i ll get some from the NEX its about 5 Dollars a tub

    me i want to keep my teeth as long as poss

    The new body armour is called dragon skin and it can stop a AK47 round
    but we won't see it becouse it cost an arm and a leg
  8. thanks for the baccy replies I'll keep off it!

    I have no wish to dwell on operational armour requirements except in the local boozer it was noted that one one brave soldier died last week after being shot in the chest.
    Pub discussion thought body armour protected the chest,I said I don't know but I'll ask.
    I never thought about this being an operational question so just ignore it and I and the pub know- alls will have to shut up.Sorry!

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