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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by paddy_boy, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone seen or heard of a new composite body armour being issued to US SF in Afghan?

    If so any ideas where it is available?

    answers on a postcard please.
  2. The yanks are wearing Dragonskin BA

    We are wearing Osprey BA
  3. Lots of new stuff being developed out there.

    Liquid Armour -

    Ultimate Body Armour -

    ... and I can remember hearing something about somthing being developed which had some form of low level electronic field within it which would ramp up at the required spot on impact.

    Not entirely sure I would want to be reliant upon it working in the nano second available before the round punches through.

  4. Hi The stuff I was thinking of was a titanium/ceramic composite. It is supposed to be used by the cia and certain US SF. It is also being used by top rappers like 50cent.

    Dragonskin has weight and technical issues to overcome. There is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that Osprey and Kestral are not the business either.

    I was just looking for the best on the market, even if that means going the gucci route.

    Thanks for your comments.
  5. Just so I'm reading from the same songsheet - you want to buy a set of this supposed all-singing-all-dancing-you-can't-bend-it body armour for your own personal use?

    If so, dare I ask why...?
  6. I have to say i was thinking the same thing. If you want to wear that shit then you are obviously looking for a ruck with someone.

  7. Maybe he's preparing for one of Brown's Summersand Holidays.
  8. Nothing as daring as that, my son has recently joined 42, and the deal is if there is better BA out there than issued I will get it for him.

    Simple as that.
  9. I thought it was best to stick with issued BA as if he got injured the mod could say "not our kit no comp"
  10. Thats right, god forbid if something does happen he wont have a leg to stand on in any compensation case.
  11. I'm surprised to hear that. You should be getting Osprey as standard on OPTOUR these days - in or outside the wire. If you're not then you 'd better start yelling at someone as soon as you get there.

  12. I know, have been issued body armour but its not Osprey! Its probably like drinking Nescafe gold blend and then changing to pussers dust!
  13. You will get issued your CBA (Your standard regulat combat body armour) in the UK, and on arrival in to theatre your should get issued with Osprey. There is an embargo on Osprey leaving theatre and you fly in and out in your own armour - basically there isn't enough to risk losing it in the stores chain in the UK. Also, although its heavy, Osprey is the dogs danglies - it will stop 7.62 armour piercing rounds.
  14. Thats unless your a Royal :salut: (Royal family that is)
  15. top gag LOL
  16. FYI Have just had a future kit demo for ops kit that is planned to roll out in 2011. The Ospery is being modified and I asked about Dragon Skin. They told me that due to its disc like make up, although great for direct impacts if a round strikes it at an angle its about as good as tissue paper.
    They informed me that an American solider was shot and killed whilst wearing it and now the family are taking legal proceedings against the manufacturer. The round struck under a disc as the bloke wearing it was lying down. The new Ospery looks great and its ten times easier to move about in it!

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