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Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by BillyNoMates, Nov 28, 2013.

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  1. ITV4 1100hrs daily
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  2. "Who Dares Wins" will no doubt be on the telly soon.
  3. Fixed that for you winger! :biggrin:
  4. Wasn't he in Warship early 70's ?
  5. He was Flags!

    [h=2]TV roles
    Z-Cars, episode "Waste", 1974 - as Derek Cunningham
    Marked Personal, episodes "1.38" and "1.37", 1974 - as Len Thomas
    Village Hall, episode "Friendly Encounter", 1974 - Jimmy Jackson
    Crown Court, episode "Arson", 1974 - as PC Henry Williams
    Warship, episode "Away Seaboat's Crew", 1974 - L/Sea. Steele
    The Cuckoo Waltz, Granada TV sitcom, 1975-1977 - as Gavin Rumsey
    The New Avengers, Series 2 - episode 5 "Obsession", (with Martin Shaw), 7 October 1977 - as Kilner
    The Professionals, 1977-1981 - as Bodie
    This Is Your Life, 1 episode, 1982 - as himself
    A Night on the Town, 1983 - as George, a photographer
    Robin of Sherwood, episode "The Sheriff Of Nottingham", 1986 - as Phillip Mark
    Carly's Web, 1987 - as Alexander Prescott
    Blue Blood, 1988
    Jack the Ripper, TV Drama, 1988 - as Sergeant George Godley
    Alfred Hitchcock Presents, episode "The Man Who Knew Too Little", 1989 - as Bill Stewart
    Blaues Blut, TV series, 1990 - as Hugh Sinclair (segment "Bounty")
    A Ghost in Monte Carlo, TV Drama, 1990 - as Lord Drayton
    Cluedo, 6 episodes, 1991-1992 - as Col. Mustard
    Tarzán, 2 episodes, 1993-1994 - as Michael Hauser
    The Grimleys, 2 episodes, 1999 - as Digby's Dad[SUP][5][/SUP]
    The Bill, episode 034, 2002 - Dr. Peter Allen[SUP][6][/SUP]
    You've just got to love Wikipedia![/h]

  6. :thumright:
  7. A part of my childhood was watching The Proffesionals. He will be missed!

  8. Terrorist holding the American embassy hostage "Tony, what's happening?"
    (Lewis Collins cuts him in half with a burst from his Ingram)
    Entire wardroom chorus together "NOT YOU MATE!"

    Oh, I so wanted to be Bodie in 1978, he really did embody the role perfectly, a TA paratrooper in real life, black belt martial artist and skydiving instructor. Had previously been the bass player in The Mojos. Sadly missed.

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