Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by pots359v, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. Come on guys we all know someone out there that is most definitely BOBFOC. A certain 2 ringer from Mighty Manch days springs to mind.
    So lets go with some nick names for the lasses that you have used or heard used.

    Lets keep the mods happy and No Names No Pac Drills etc.

    new a wrn called vosene, caught in the shower with a bottle inserted!
  2. Knew a civvie that we all called Lassie, 'cos she screamed and moaned like the character in that 80's film.

    Also, in a previous job in a Students' Union, there was these two girls in the hockey team who were very (ahem) 'active'. They were also very bi and were friendly with the rugby team.

    Anyway, one day the hockey team were going on tour so they all turn up in their freshly printed tour shirts complete with nicknames on the back. One had 'Milk Maid', a reference to an incident involving the rugby team, a camera and a box of them iced milk lollipops. The other had 'Spit Roast Queen' on her shirt. I think she must have been into barbecues or summat. :twisted:
  3. I knew of an alleged incident on a 22 in the 90s, there was a certain female member of the Comms dept getting rather friendly with a stoker in the funnel. Anyway they both got caught and trooped, legend has it she earned herself the moniker - "Funnel Fanny" :)
  4. On a 22 in 2001, a little jenny was caught naked in the buffer's shack with 3 other guys.

    She was dubbed the 'extra buffer's hand' :lol:
  5. there was a jenny sa on the invince called 'flash' not the communicator (scary thought!) of the same name, this one got caught giving some hand relief to a dabber in a boat bay, wearing her operators anti flash glove!
  6. You've got to admit though, there's nothing like the feel of an operators anti-flash glove...

    ....apparently. :D
  7. Squirrel how would you know????
    I must admit i think you lads look nice in your anti flash gear.
  8. Lossiemouth had a Wren Jack Dusty a few years ago called Myrtle the Turtle, every time she was on her back she was Fecked.

  9. blimey I'm in!

    Got any operators anti-flash?
  10. no i havent my ex sent me pics of him in his anti flash
  11. I'm pretty sure that that certain 2 ringer reads this website regularly.... ;)
  12. There was a young wren on the Ocean some years ago who was given the lovely name of 'Zoe Alpha' due to being caught carrying out gas tight drills with some Royals.

    'Pots359v said 'flash' not the communicator (scary thought!)'

    I know her too and you aint wrong buddy. The honey monster springs to mind whenever I hear her name mentioned. :)
  13. we had a baby chef at raleigh called "Bloodclot" cos he had a fecking huge one up his nose!It was still there a year and a half later!
  14. This has got to be the most specialist fetish I've ever heard of!

    Or is it because with the anti flash on you can't see their face?
  15. Come on guys, there's a limerick in there somewhere.....

    There was a young wren on the ocean,
    who was quite partial to the odd portion.....

    .....anyone care to finish?
  16. When she met a Royal
    She became quite loyal.......

    Next one....??
  17. cos he had the biggest proportion
  18. You should know Banjo also then, good lass from Bristol :wink:
  19. a few that spring to my mind.

    The WEM/OM called Exocet - you could see him coming but there was f**k all you could do about it.

    The LWEM called LAX (as in laxative) cos he gave us all the s**ts

    The Std called Scotchbrite co he was thick, green and picked up s**t

    The 1st Lt we called Wilf after the ventriloquists dummy in the Sailor series

    and finally the Std called Dolly (as in Parton) cos his NAMET was 9 to 5
  20. When was she on there?

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