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Bobby Robson Dies

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Waspie Buck Compton, Band of Brother, dies. Current Affairs 0
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Chicogiz Boy dies after w*nking 42 times! The Gash Barge 9
MoD_RSS Last British male WWI veteran dies Current Affairs 0
trelawney126 Last Known WW1 Veteran Dies in Aus Current Affairs 19
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Chaz Dame Elizabeth Taylor dies. Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy 5
R Susannah York dies of cancer. Diamond Lil's 3
theymademedoit Argentinas Nestor Kirschner dies. Current Affairs 0
NZ_Bootneck Good egg owner of Hesco Bastion dies in bizarre manner. Diamond Lil's 4
TattooDog British Man Dies After Sadistic Sex Session Diamond Lil's 32
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NotmeChief 'ello arry' - Harry Carpenter dies. Current Affairs 1
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slim Teenager dies in police car chase Diamond Lil's 33
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Welshy Shot Soldier dies in hospital Current Affairs 8
Z Woman dies after using a jackhammer as a dildo Diamond Lil's 13
Naval_Gazer Marines held after man dies in Portsmouth bar brawl The Corps 71
Squirrel David Cameron's son dies Current Affairs 1
The_Jimmy Marine Corps legend Gen. Victor Krulak dies at 95 International 0
L Sailor Dies in Plymouth Current Affairs 16
S Another soldier dies. Current Affairs 5
md08 World War I veteran dies aged 108 Diamond Lil's 13
D Last survivor of Hood sinking dies Current Affairs 26
Joint_Force_Harrier Ex Matelot "Dave Gellet" Dies during football training Current Affairs 1
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