Bobbies Ordered Not to Wear Union Flag Badges

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Redsailor, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. It's not part of their uniform therefore they should not wear it.
  2. So it's forbidden for British police to wear a national flag badge because some arse-wipe may be offended, but its OK to wear a turd burglars support badge?

    The lunatics are running the asylum.
  3. Oh fcuk me here we go, start up the bus everyone! Or not. It isn't part of the uniform so this is a non story, much the same as I can't wear a badge on my rig.

    Get a grip.
  4. Just give them a Union Flag on their uniform

    ie just like CS95

    After all are they not British police? End of dit!!!
  5. Bagsy seat on the open top part of the bus!! It's an outrage!!!!! lol
  6. The precedent has been set - I mean, you can't have one rule for one and another rule for another ...
  7. We wear Union Jack Patches on our combats because we work abroad with Jonny Foreigner, some of whom have the same pattern DPM as us.

    The filth don't need one and who really cares. Do we need McDonalds workers and Firemen to have them? No.
  8. Kin right, get the whole country in them!!!

    Tattoo our kids from birth and brand the sneaky bastards coming in from Calais!!!
  9. Agreed. Apparently the Met have now backed down on this, but I've been bollocked in 4s because a cross on a chain has been on view - and completely accepted said bollocking as you're in uniform, and it's not part of it.

    The eagerness of some to go wild about 'political correctness gone mad' as if they were clockwork toys owned by Mr Richard Littlejohn beggars belief.
  10. [quote="shipsnthat]The eagerness of some to go wild about 'political correctness gone mad' as if they were clockwork toys owned by Mr Richard Littlejohn beggars belief.[/quote]

    Saves having to bother thinking things through, mindless foaming at the mouth takes less effort apparently.
  11. Well, bloody marvelous! Another victory for the voice of the British people.

    As others have said; it’s a uniform and not a fashion statement. Apart from red Haig Fund poppies each year, badges/bands/whatever showing allegiance, pride, support for whatever cause has no place on it. Clearly, that particular badge was a worthy cause but I expect there is a shed load of other “worthy†causes stacked up behind it. This reported “climb down†by the Met has just sent out the message “wear stuff you believe in and argue if told no you can’tâ€. Congratulations on a brilliant home goal.
  12. PoL - I couldn't agree more. Commendable that they want to wear union flag badges and there is nothing to stop them adorning their civvies accordingly ... but it is not uniform issue and consequently has no place on uniform.

    Why the Dail Mail keeps championing this sort of nonsense is quite beyond me and I would like to know if anyone REALLY said the badges were "offensive" or is that just more made up stuff?

    I know for a fact that there is enough real news stuff going on - so why can't they report some of it?
  13. The daily Mail, give me strength.......
  14. It's a pity the Daily Wail don't focus on more important issues rather than wasting trees and ink on drivel.
  15. You hit the nail on the head there with "who really cares". Apart from your smart arse mention of McDonalds workers, only the emergency services (which include many ex-servicemen/women in their ranks), veterans associations, your families ,close friends,your serving oppos with the inclusion of the good citizens of Wooton Bassett are in the main the only ones who actually do care. The remainder of the nation wrapped up in their materialistic me-me society, are mostly oblivious or uncaring in their attitudes to its armed services or the sacrifices being made on their behalf. I would have thought you would welcome any displays of support you might be getting in the UK rather than contemptuously dismissing them out of hand.

    Red Sailor
  16. Well said

  17. What aspect of uniforms in a disciplined Service is it that some of you chaps and chapesses don’t understand? As far as the scuffs are concerned, it isn’t the possibility of the badge p**sing off the effniks or the fluffies that matters. The fact that it’s not part of the bloody uniform does.

    Suppose the RNLI (a worthy cause with brave members who also get killed and maimed) bring out a badge; or any other cause that’s deemed worthy by someone. Can you imagine the constant wrangling and hissy fits? Keep it simple, keep it sweet; no flashy badges on the beat! You know it makes sense.
  18. Dead right it makes sense we are British we just don't do flashy,we should lave that sort of thing to our cousins across the pond. One would not want our chaps looking like something out of an Italian comic opera :lol:

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