Bob Geldof rages at BBC over Live Aid comment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jenny_Dabber, Mar 4, 2010.

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  2. Jenny you are even more guilty by repeating inaccurate information the allegation is that a very high percentage of the funds given to one of the waring factions was siphoned off, not repeat not 95% of the total ammount given.

    If I was Bob I would take you of my Christmas Card list.
  3. Maxi, you smoking something iffy?

    If you actually bothered to read the link, it's an article the news released, nothing to do with me.

    After all, this is the forum section for news and current it not?

    Brain in gear next time :wink:
  4. She got you there Maxi!

    Jenny what happend to the post about the Aussie War Games?
  5. It is many years since I stopped giving to ANY Sub Saharan African charity.
    Sub Sahara Africa is a bottomless pit where any money simply disappears into the pockets of the rich. Poor people are making rich people richer.
    Money has been poured into these countries for over 60 years.
    I remember as a five year old going to Sunday school and being given a booklet of photos of children, these photos could be bought singularly by gullible adults and the proceeds sent to Africa.
    As long as we keep giving and as long as the Tribal system is in force, Africa will insist that it needs our money. :twisted:
  6. Whatever said in the article .There will be some truth .I dont bother with figures stated .Lets be honest it is a backward country with a not completely hones government.Also their own who handle the money (are they honest ????.I also do not give to these type of charities .Infact i dont give to many .when you see the heads and some of the big workers running around in jags etc insted of tata's.Donated money is buying big cars and big offices .To me thats not the way
  7. They should ask Geldof why he hasn't waived his royalties for the Live Aid or Live 8 singles, some estimates suggest he has earnt more money personally from them than his other work put together.
  8. Is anyone really surprised?
    In NZ it's been reported that only about 25-35% of most charity donations actually reaches those for who it's intended. And that's charities using the funds on NZ projects.
    The rest goes on advertising the charity, administrating the charity and unless the charity uses a lot of volunteers, employing telemarketing companies to cold phone people for donations.
    Geldorf is niave in the extreme if he thinks that all the money got to where it was intended. But only 5% is shocking.
  9. No she didn't she dug a bigger hole, I said she repated innacurate information which is what she did.
  10. I shall give you an example .Just to reiterate what i said.My friends niece worked for a big charity which one i cant remember .She got the job and was a cordinator.When she started t house in a big audi a8 (whats that at the time about 60000 thou) and she asked him Uncle have you anyold close for the charity bolloxs he said if if the charity run around in cars like that you dont need my old clothes
  11. Not really, there was a civil war going on at the time, and thus it was not surprisinfg some money stuck to the wrong fingers. This incident covers one faction which held a considerable area of the country, aid money had to go through them so at least some aid got through, would it have been better for none to get through at all?

    As to the general problem in efficieny to charities the proportion of funds getting through to the intended target varies in the UK too. Admin does cost money, and it is admin that ensures that at least some of the money gets to the right place so it is in itself an necesary evil. There are several sites which monitor this now so that you can check up before giving

    here is the report on a well known one., you will see that they do a lot better than your average which does seem poor and would probably not be acceptable to charity regulators in the UK.
  12. I suggest you read the name of this forum............. :roll:

    African countries aren't exactly the most liable/honest, there is so much deceitfulness and ruthlessness in those governments.
  13. Indeed my dear Jenny and yes some one who was part of one of the factions involved in the civil war has admitted that they did subvert almost all of the money they got from Geldorf. This unfortunately did not though represent 95% of the total raised by live aid as the stuff you copied suggested, and I quote from your quote "The allegations that 95 per cent of aid money donated to help victims of the 1985 Ethiopian famine were siphoned off were made in a BBC radio programme broadcast yesterday."
    Having listened to the report from the Beeb this morning they are not aleging in any way that 95% of the total raised was subverted which is the argument you do appear to be supporting. Current affairs should be accurate or off to Diamond Lil's
  14. AGAIN.............current from a news resource............
  15. I give up have you read one word I have written, it is about accuracy, and truth, the key aspects of current affairs.
  16. I would suggest reading The State of Africa by Martin Meredith in which he explained in great detail how charity has not only helped prop up devastatingly inept and corrupt governments but also caused sub-Saharan Africa to economically stagnant due to their increased dependance upon said aid which has prevented the emergence of a small business' a key steppingstone not only to economic growth but also political stability.
  17. Am I the only person that thinks Sir Bob could best be employed trying to find land mines?
  18. I see both points of view. At the end of the day, if it is inaccurately reported in the mainstream press then Geldof will have his legal team onto it pretty quickly. Jenny providing a link to an article published in a respectible paper isn't reporting inaccurate information. It is not for members of RR to determine the accuracy or not of articles published elsewhere (although we can, and do, comment on them!).

    FWIW, I agree with the consensus on this thread that money donated to charity has a significant proportion siphoned off to various others and, for that reason, I am reluctant to give to any of them (standfast Forces charities which I believe to be administered more strictly).
  19. Nope - count me in!

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