Bob Geldof in biker crash

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Money grabbing! No doubt his 'injury lawyer' will provide evidence of the lifetime of suffering a scuffed knee will cause.

    Motorbikers are a menace anyway, all they do is hover on your stbd quarter waiting to nip through, then shkae their fist when you have to pull out. There should be more police arresting motorbikers for dangerously overtaking traffic, particularly on narrow streets.

    Tin hat and flak jacket donned, ready for replies.
  2. While I agree that a minority of motorcyclists act in this manner, it is certainly not the norm. Many motorists are p!ssed of by the ability of a motorcyclist to progress quickly to the head of any queue, nothing wrong with this manoeuvre as long as it is carried out safely.
    On the other hand too many motorcyclists are killed or injured by car drivers not checking that it is clear correctly before carrying out a maneuver.
    For info I am a pedestrian and car driver, who in the past has ridden motorcycles. In fact I had a motorcycle licence for many years before attaining a car licence. I am also of the opinion that all motorist should have to spend time on two wheels (powered) before being allowed to hold a car licence.
  3. When you ride a bike you are at one with the machine it is you. You are not sat in your little tin box oblivious to the world around you.

    It would pay if before driving a car one had to have twelve months on a bike first. Then you would know that when you make a mistake it is you that gets dented. Cars are a neccessary evil to get from A to B.

  4. I'd agree with that.
    The only time you ever see a bike below the speed limit is when he is stopped at a light.
  5. A very good friend of mine who was a wafu was killed sunday who was a biker not all are death on the road
  6. A fellow biker biker told me, after being "T boned" by a car, the driver when asked why he didn't see the bike said "well I can't be expected to look ever time I pull out can I"
  7. Motorcycle = Donorcycle.

    Too many fatals this year already in my patch,not all caused by poor car drivers but excessive speed and an overtake too many.

    Not enough education re motorcyle awareness as well.
  8. Having just got back home from a great 'track day' at Donnington on my Blade, I am very tired and am not going to reply as I would wish to for fear of going 'over the top'

    However, please enjoy your cage and the boring world in which you live.

    Please also let me know your car so that I can 'wave' at you as I filter past you on the M275.

    I bet you spend most of your time on our mobile whilst driving as well mate. :rambo:
  9. Utter bollox and the MAJORITY of motorcyclists do not speed in 30 and 40 mph zones unlike car drivers.
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    True story. Travelling home from work on my bike (Ducati Monster S4) and wanted to get a newspaper. Arrived at Tesco in Port Solent and grabbed one, stood in the queue to wait getting served. It is a bright, sunny day and I'm dressed in a leather two-piece with high-viz jacket. I remove my helmet and gloves, place them on the counter so I could retrieve my money from inside my jacket.

    Suddenly this twunt brushes past me and shoves his shopping on top of my paper, hoping to get served first. I politely coughed, and light-heartedly said to him: "Erm, I think I was in front of you!"

    His reply?

    "Oh, sorry mate...


  11. Been a biker for years and the one thing I have noticed is the increase in the volume of traffic on the roads these days.

    The biker now needs a permanent 360 rotating neck and also more awareness of other road users. Yes there are idiots driving cars but most
    accidents can be avoided -----main thing is speed like keep within limits.

    Also it seems the norm that if the limit is 30 mph then you must do 30 --
    better to ride at a safe speed within the limit.[same for the 40.60.70 limits]

    :nemo: :nemo:
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Exactly... it's a LIMIT, not a TARGET!

  13. Problem is that bikes are considerably smaller and more fragile than cars and many (not all) of the riders tend to forget that. It really pisses me off when I'm out driving and idiots come charging through small gaps, weave in and out of traffic, use the wrong side of the road to overtake, etc, etc and as a car driver if you don't get out of the way or brake sharply to let them back in you get grief.

    What really bugs me though are those freaks on mopeds who [email protected] about and never earn a licence. They get to stick an L plate on and get away with bloody murder.

  14. I've rode a bike since I was 17 and I've had a few near misses with cars. The one thing what does frighten the life out of me is all the weekend bikers we seem to get here in the Peak District on powerful bikes without having a clue how to ride them it pi**es me off. Well their inability to avoid stone walls and me only having a KH125 does.
  15. Another case of the few making the many look like complete tossers. Personally I don't believe the law does enough to penalise those who stick two fingers up at it.

  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It seems that the anti-bike lobby are pissed off that bikes overtake on the opposite side of the road and ride down the gap in the middle of traffic.

    For those that seem to have forgetten, if the line down the middle of the road is staggered (- - - -) then you are permitted to do that, if it is clear and safe to do so. Bikes handle mechanically different from cars and are able to accelerate and brake very quickly over short distance, and can do this manoeuvre without inconvenience to other road users.

    Furthermore, if the line seperating two lines of traffic is staggered also, then bikes are permitted to change lanes accordingly. I will concede that some bikers do not appreciate the width of their vehicle, and have come unstuck when attempting this manoeuvre, but most accidents have been caused by motorists making sudden and unnecessary decisions without checking their mirrors (and blindspots) before indicating (if they do so at all), then manoeuvring.

    Although a vast majority of cars will move across suficiently to allow bikes to overtake them, I feel that the animosity towards bikes driving in the manner in which they are permitted is likely due to sour grapes - "I'm not able to move, so I'm going to piss off someone who can!"
  17. I used to have this problem when I rode, and I still see it now where some car drivers will indiscriminately change lanes without even for one moment considering that a biker may be overtaking them.

    You see the same attitude with lorry drivers towards car drivers. Take for example road works on motorways where one or two lanes merge. There are often signs saying USE BOTH LANES before reaching the MERGE IN TURN signs, but lorry drivers seem to think they are the road police and decide that drivers shouldn't use both lanes and sit in the middle of the white line swerving to stop cars going by. Wankers the lot of them.
  18. Normal anti bike vitriol
    All motorists would benifit from riding a motorcycle in all weathers and traffic conditions so as to appreciate the dangers of the road .What other road users have to use their sense of smell when travelling to ensure safe road surfaces?
    Driving a car is like watching a movie whilst riding a bike is like being in it
    Born to ride
    Ride to live.
  19. And born to die!

    Semper Strenuissima.

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