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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, May 29, 2009.

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  1. Bear Grylls will be the new Chief Scout of the UK Scout Association.
    The famous adventurer takes over when current Chief Scout, former
    Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan, completes his five year tenure in July.

    Bear Grylls takes over from Peter Duncan? Now this Swap Draft could
    prove interesting for all them they woggle-wearing Boy Scouts.

    They have all got badges proving that they are now fully proficient in
    making models of Thunderbird Island out of Bin-liners, used condoms,
    wet cardboard and sticky-back plastic - I wonder if "Chief Bear" is
    contemplating introducing a few more badges your kiddies can be
    the proud winners of?

    The *Brecon Beacons 100 Kilometre Speed March Badge*.

    "Right!..........strip down to your Bob the Builder underpants and
    jump out of the back of the f***ing've got an hour
    to get back to the Scout Hut you miserable showers of sh*t!!....
    it's only 99 clicks and the temperature is still a degree or two above

    "But, sir.......I'm only eleven....."

    "ELEVEN???!!!.....F***ING E-L-E-V-E-N ?????!!!!! I WAS HANGING

    (I've already got my Grandkids on the waiting list for Bravo Two Zero
    Troop - Plymouth, and this weekend, I'm teaching 'em how to wade
    neck deep through a ditch full of rotting animal entrails and excrement,
    so that they can get their hands on the "Bear Grylls Beasting Proficiency
    Badge - Level 1).

    So the next time a little kid, clad all in black, wearing a respirator and
    carrying a varied assortment of firearms, knocks on your door..........
    you'd better give him a job, otherwise he's liable to take out all your
    double glazing with shaped charges.


  2. Some fcuking imagination mate lolol

    Really quite funny at the thought of it lolol
  3. Are you sure it's just imagination?

    Looks like he's gone over the top to me. :)
  4. Fire lighting badge: Rub two cubs together
    Map reading badge: How not to get lost in Iraq
    Naked roll map badge Taught by willing ex RM staff
  5. :laughing3: L O L and L M F A O Gibber-gibber-gibber. :laughing3:
  6. The Chancellor of the Exechequer Badge - being able to call and get your neighbour's parents to pay for, an Accountant to tot up your pocket money.

    The Political Nous Badge - passing the buck

    The Get Out of Jail Free Badge - Say sorry for nicking your oppo's pocket money. Offer to pay it back whilst denying you did anything wrong, then blame it on your parents, for not giving you enough pocket money.

    The Gordon Brown Badge - For this you will need to be a traditional Presbyterian committed to upholding moral values, especially other peoples'. As a result, whilst telling anyone who will listen that you have a higher moral code than anyone else, you will refuse to allow Ghurkas to settle in Britain whilst allowing Channel Hoppers with no connection to Britain to stay. You will reduce the living standard of the poorest in society by raising their income tax from 10% to the standard rate, and you will make disabled servicemen homeless by paying too little compensation when they are injured in the line-of-duty.
  7. Top a Terrorist badge...self explanatory. If you can't get to sandy places Gib will do
  8. Iv'e been buggered by my scout leader badge!
  9. The *Raw Scorpion/Live Giant Slug/Handful-of-Leeches/Gibbons Testicles/
    Stewed Box Jellyfish/Fruit-eating-bat-shit-on-a-raft Potmess eating badge*

    There's tasty for you.
  10. The Genius Badge - for making ends meet using your OWN money

    The Sex Badge - for making passionate love (NOT) to your Scoutmaster! :evil:

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