I've all but completed the selection process, and have been told i must wait 2 years to go in as a HM spec, so i am considering submarines. I think i could cope with most aspects of life on a boat, however the main reason i want to join the RN is the opportunity to see the world. So my main question is do you get many opportunities to do this? I don't want to leave faslane, get back 3 months later and see nothing but the inside of a boat. I do understand of course, there is more to the navy than seeing the world. Thanks
Other people will be along shortly to confirm that you'd be best off doing ships first (general service) then boats later if you fancy it. You will see some of the world in a boat but you will definetly see more on a ship.
Have to agree with Polto on this one. What branch would you go for as HM don't serve on boats. It's not guaranteed that you could branch transfer after you did some time in boats and then tx'd to grey things.
I was looking at marine engineering, i know it would be a compromise although i could be in much quicker plus the extra money couldn't hurt. I have heard transferring is nigh on impossible, so i just hoped that i'd get to see enough so that a transfer would not be necessary.


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There is a world of difference between WS(HM) & ET (ME) & your priority ahould be to get the job that suits you.

It is foolish in the extreme to opt for a job because of the waiting time rather than the job itself.

As has been said previously, don't join as a submariner unless you want to be a submariner from the outset or you will regret it, feel resentful, get the hump & leave - a waste of your time & everybody else's money.

Good luck in your choice of career.
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