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Lantern Swinger
part 3 training1965 osirus
1965 - 1967 ocelot
1967- 1967 cachalot
1967 - 1971 oracle
oh happy days, dalreoch mansions , dumbarton debs. sweaty betty and nan the man. the clachan the imps the church of turkey for non scorers
i spent most nights there.
Is the Imperial still there in Helensburgh I wonder or is it now some sort of trendy Wine bar??

Did a cracking pint of Heavy in there as I recall.
I remember bar "L" now changed its name to sports bar I think, also I thought the entrance from the front was shut off, not sure though as I might have had a tot or two by then as it was the last submariners reunion at the base when I was up there last.
First went to Helensburgh in May 1971 and got quite a shock when I discovered it was still light at chucking out time (2200). After acquainting myself with the usual Imps, Royal, Clachan I gradually started using the Cavalier and Bar L. There were a few more but, while not being openly hostile, they were best left to the locals. Bar L was always a decent place IMHO - paid a visit a few years ago when Renown decommished and it was very smart with some decent looking clacker behind the bar. Also called in to the Imps and Royal (this would be about 1997) and they were heaving (Friday night). Same people in there though - oppos that were ODs in the early 70s had become Chiefs but were still putting it away.

Also used to use a couple in Rhu... the Rhu Inn (geddit?) and there was a hotel next to it (Rhu Ellen?) and another across the road in the woods - very smart (relatively) and had decent crumpet.

An oppo on the Renown in early 70s had an MGBGT and we'd scoot off to Inverary - how we got back is anybody's guess - I know it involved me steering and my oppo doing the brakes and gears.

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