Boats at Rosyth

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Rem3pt, May 22, 2010.

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  1. That's the grave yard and your correct with the 4 R boats, the others are V&C class and the Dreadnought, all de-commissioned.

    If you use Google earth to look at 3 basin in Guzz dockyard you'll see it filling up with V&C and S boats, again all de-commisioned and awaiting an executive decision regarding disposal.
  2. Apart from the R boats and Donut the other two at Rosyth are Churchill and Swiftsure.
  3. Forgot about Swiftsure :thumbleft:
  4. Why wasn't I given first refusal on Churchill, I spent over 8 years of my life on her.
  5. Yeah Soleil ive seen that, its a 4 hour drive away though and i might be busy on that weekend so its probably not possible. Would be nice to get a look inside the DDH with my own eyes though!

    Thanks for confirming that for me, i was sure they were R-Boats.

    @ Wrecker, i didn't realise they were alongside for such a long time before going for "disposal". Suprised me to see the Dreadnought still there!

    Yes im excited about joining if you didn't notice! :lol:
  6. Is that the one sat on it's lonesome, how long has she been there. :?:
  7. 27 years since 1983.
  8. I would love to go back and have a look round Revenge, had a good time on her and my missus then might understand a bit more about it !

    Then again , maybe not .....
  9. I think she has been there longing than that.
    I was on the Otter in Faslane parked behind her in Faslane and we watched and cheered as she was towed away. That was 82 I think.
  10. WHAT you had a good time on Revenge. She was the worst boat I have ever served on.
  11. Sorry, but for the record, not in MY experience.

    REVENGE was the best boat in SM 10 mid '70s (directly after first refit/DASO - BOTH Crews, that was:Tight and happy.

    (Dunno who you upset, or who upset you, but there you are.)
  12. Good job that the limpets I put on her and Renown and the floating dry-dock were practice only :thumbright:
  13. I was on Revenge first commish and took her into refit 73/74. She was a heap o'shite! well the boat wasn't the crew were. A strange bunch it was basically three crews, Forward , MC and MCC crew and the black d'afties.
    I picked my POs rate up after my second patrol and the SRs mess was weird the Afties wouldn't speak to the Missile mary's the front end wouldn't speak to the black d'afties they all had their own little cliques and area to sit in the mess etc etc . Gawd was I happy when I got drafted back to diesels!!
  14. ....and so was REVENGE :wink:
  15. Warspite had it's fin chopped off in Guzz, dunno why though.

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